Mun Island

From the gravel beach of Hon Mieu, you will see three small islands lying in a row; they are Hon Tam, Hon Mot and Hon Mun; among these, Hon Mun has a most attractive landscapes.
Its name derives from the geographical features - the high cliffs in the southwest are too risky, ragged with numerous caves; here rocks and stones are all ebony-like black, which is rarely found on any other islands.
It is also one of the seven islands in the Nha Trang sea that attract thousands of salanganes to come and build their nests, which give thousands of tai, i.e products from their nests every year.Like Bai Tru, the beach at Hon Mun does not have that kind of while fine-grained sand, and its formation and composition are much like the gravel beach at Tri Nguyen, the island of the Immortals, with layers of round-shaped pebbles and cobbles closely arranged by Nature's hand.