Ben Duoc Monument

Location: Ben Duoc Monument was built in Cu Chi District, about 70km from Ho Chi Minh City centre.

Characteristic: The Ben Duoc Monument to the War Martyrs is a harmonious architectural complex. The monument was built according to the design of a traditional Vietnamese temple.

The monument is dedicated to the war martyrs from 40 cities and provinces, who laid down their lives on the battle fields in Saigon - Cho Lon - Gia Dinh during the anti-French and US resistance wars for national independence and freedom.

It has a three-entrance gate. In the main shrine are worshipped 44,357 martyrs and heroic mothers whose name are carved on marble plates and gilded with gold. On the ground floor, a mini-mock up, pictures, and many other show pieces about the hard life and battles of the army men and local people during the wars are displayed. There is also a nine-storey tower, 39m high, surrounded with gardens with flowers that blossom all the year round and with diverse kinds of ornamental plants.

Since its establishment in 1995 the monument has welcomed thousands of visitors, both domestic and foreign, especially on Martyrs' Day - July 27th - who come to enjoy the local scenery and show their respect to the national heroes.

Source: Vietnam Nation Administration of Tourism