Doc Let

The place gets its Vietnamese name of Doc Let because if you want to reach to the sea, you have to cross high sand dunes and if you are not strong enough, the sand would seem to hold you back and quite a few people to lag ("let" in Vietnamese) to the destination. However, there is a great compensation for you once you have finished your conquer of the dunes.
In front of you now would be a wonderful beach with fine, smooth, and pures and the blue sea with tiny waves. The sand beach runs as far as 10km from Dong Hai Village to the Cement Factory of Hon Khoi.
Doc Let is not only an ideal swimming beach, but its natural landscape is also quite attractive to tourists. Islands of every sizes and shapes off shore into two bows hindering the wave. The big island from afar looks like a sunbathing girl.
Not far to the north is the famous Van Phong Bay, one of the future tourist spots that the international Tourism Organization OMT has surveyed and highly assessed the future development of tourism of the area.
To the south, beyond the Cement Factory is Hon Heo, the former revolutionary base with so many heroic exploits that have not noted down in history. Also, only 2-3 kilometres from Doc Let, tourists can visit the fishing village of Ninh Thuy, the salt fields of Ninh Diem or take a rest in the shade of the coconut palms and poplars or at windy shops beautifully decorated for a drink and other sea specialities such as fresh crabs, sentinel crabs, oysters, their own will.