Giac Lam Pagoda

Giac Lam Pagoda is located at 118 Lac Long Quan Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. The pagoda has two different names Cam Son or Cam Dien Pagoda. Built in 1974 under the reign of Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat, it is among one of the city’s oldest pagodas with many Buddha statues made of brass and precious timber.

The architecture, layout and ornamentation of the pagoda remain almost unaltered since it was built. The sight around the pagoda is picturesque so that many poets have come here to write and recite poetries.

Standing in the front garden is a shining white statue of the Goddess of Mercy, perched upon a lotus blossom, a symbol of purity. Inside, on either side of the main altar, are statues of Ameda Buddha and Sakyamuni Buddha, along with more representations of the Goddess of Mercy. Giac Lam Pagoda is open from 6 am to 9 pm.