Dam Sen Park

If there is one place every family should take kids to in this city of Ho Chi Minh, then Dam Sen Park is it. It includes a wide variety of amusements, such as paddle-boat rides around a lake lined with dragons. There are rides that include a monorail snaking through the park – a good way to get your bearings – plus a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and bumper cars.

There are also plenty of parks and theme areas, such as orchid gardens, an aviary and a dinosaur park. On weekends the bandstand sees a range of shows, which feature singing and dancing warriors, rabbits and hip-hop stars all under the age of 12. Fishing is allowed in the lakes. There’s also a water park on the grounds. Dam Sen Park is located in District 11, north-west of Cholon. Entry includes the grounds and some of the attractions, but not the rides.