Ba Ho stream

Ba Ho stream is 25 km from Nha Trang to the north. This is a stream originating from the top of Hon Son (over 660m), flowing between the two sides of the rocky mountains into the fields of Phu Huu hamlet, Ninh Ich village, Ninh Hoa district, then pours into Nha Phu swamp. The stream gets its name in its supper stream, on the way through the forests and mountains, it opens three times in width right in the mountains into three continuous lakes.
With its beautiful landscapes, the stream has been in many people's mouths and mind and bears many legends told by the local people.
From Nha Trang, you can follow National Route 1A for 19 km, then 2 km of forest lane after turning left. Walking along the stream, you will soon reach the First Lake. The surface of the lake is about 150 m2, lying below a cascade 5-6m high. Around the lake are numerous rocks of all sizes and colors.Leaving the First Lake and continuing your way upstream, you will reach the Second Lake after making your way quite difficulty for 1,000m.
Unlike he First Lake, the Second Lake is narrower and milder, but with more "fairy" features due to its quietness. The lake is formed by a big flat rock lying across the stream. The surface of the lake is always tranquil like a huge mirror left behind by the fairies.The Third Lake is only a few hundred meters from the Second Lake, but the way is covered with bushes and is a little challenging to visitors. The Third Lake is narrower than the two others but its bed is wider, lying at the foot of a small cascade beside a rock wall with many tree roots and rampant vegetation. But here, visitors may find in the age-old trees by the lake orchids giving out their sweet and soft fragrance among the twittering sounds of myriads of strange birds.