Sli luon

Sli luon is a popular and unique folk song of Nung ethnic people.
Nung ethnic group has many groups and different names, which are closed with their old homeland or living style. Sli luon of Nung ethnic group has similar main characters, however, sli luon of each Nung branch has its own typical characters. Every form and melody of sli luon has its own ways of expression of private spiritual world, being capable of communication and suggestion through sli luon words, pitch and polyphony of its melody and rhythm. Sli luon is sung in funeral oration,wedding, new house celebration, birthday, working, lullaby, etc. Man and woman love, which is the main topic of sli luon, is expressed the most deeply and attractively. Before falling into love, man and woman need to exchange sli luon. People are singing sli luon passionately with full enthusiasm of youth, and loving as ardently, intimately as indigo-blue for dying that is difficult to fade. Singing should be public and spontaneously. So is love. After making acquaintance at the market by singing sli luon, each couple nestles under tree shadow, sitting besides fresh stream, to have heart to heart with the lover until the sun goes down. They have to say goodbye regretfully. Sli luon is the heart voice of Nung youth and sincere singing, cool stream in the minority’s spirit.