Hat Gheo

Hat Gheo is a kind of loving singing performed by boys and girls in the spring, autumn, festive season and nights with bright moonlights.

Hat Gheo of Phu Tho is performed most in Phu Cuong and Nam Cuong villages in Thanh Uyen commune, Bao Ve village in Huong Non commune of Tam Nong district, Thuc Luyen commune, and Hung Nhi village in Hung Son commune of Thanh Son district. Hat Gheo has different names in each area.

Hat Gheo is performed in any household rather than the communal house after the sacrifices finish.

Cau hoi dien (Meeting Bridge):

A month before the sacrifice day annually, village elders hold a meeting convening all villagers to discuss work on sacrifice. The meeting is called “cau hoi dien”. As a rule, if all villagers agree to contribute money to organize the sacrifices, 12 villagers, including one or two female elders, women and girls will be selected to perform the singing. Selected people must have good voice and rich knowledge of songs.

Performing place:

Hat Gheo begins in any household just after the sacrifices finishes. The house must be wide, clean and cool and the family should not have any sad stories.

How to perform: The boy and girl look at each other to express their feelings during the performance.