Nhà Trò singing

This is a folk genre of singing and dance of Nguồn people in Minh Hoa, Quang Binh.
Nhà Trò singing used to be held on the fifteenth of the third and the twelfth lunar months, or during festivals in Kim Bảng village or in rich families. Coming first in the repertoire of Nhà Trò singing are items with content such as incense offering, wine offering, worship to ancestors. Then the singing moved on with songs about daily life such as gratitude to parents, singing lullaby and sewing, best wishes on occasion of new year and so on.
Nhà Trò singing is performed by women who held either fans or castanets while singing and dancing. Accompanying music was simple, produced mainly by a string instrument (3-stringed lute Đáy) and percussion (Chầu drum, castanets). Currently in Minh Hóa, only Chầu drum is seen. During our fieldtrip, we recorded and videotaped the following items:
- Incense offering
- Wine offering
- Worship to ancestors
- Best wishes on occasion of New Year
- Gratitude to parents
- Singing lullaby and sewing