Shopping in Buon Ma Thuot

In this town, shopping options are very limited and tourists who expect to find a wide selection of merchandise will be disappointed. Because coffee is Buon Ma Thuot's best-known product, it is also the main commodity. Coffee is sold everywhere in town and you can buy whole coffee beans, ground coffee, even the ready-to-drink variety. The best place to buy coffee beans is at the intersection of Hoang Dieu and Phan Chu Trinh Streets. Trung Nguyen is considered as the 'Coca-Cola' of Vietnamese coffee and is sold in many places, but its main store is on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street.
Those who want to give souvenirs to friends can purchase small replicas of M'nong-style jugs. These jugs are used by the hill tribes to store whiskey and are cool souvenirs, but they can be difficult to carry and transport. The jug replicas are sold in the souvenir shops of Buon Ma Thuot.