Restaurants in Buon Ma Thuot

Finding a good place to eat in Buon Ma Thuot may be a challenge, but the quest will prove to be rewarding to those who try.
Ninh Hoa is a Vietnamese dish of meat and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and soaked in peanut sauce. It is served in some restaurants found in Ly Thuong Kiet, close to the inexpensive hotels. There are many places that serve noodles, but the best ones can be found in Quan Com Tieu Linh in Hung Vuong.
Western food is quite scarce, but Bon Trieu is worth a try. Found on Hai Ba Trung beside Dam San Tourist, the establishment has an English-language menu with some dishes made with a Western twist. Those looking for a gastronomic adventure can go to Thanh Hung on Nguyen Dinh Chieu, where the meals are exotic. Meanwhile, locals recommend the Damsan Hotel's restaurant for delicious Vietnamese fare at reasonable prices.
The thing that makes up for the lack of dining options in Buon Ma Thuot is the coffee. The town's coffee is smooth and rich, with a hint of chocolate. The locals drink it either extra strong or extra sweet, with condensed milk and ice.