Buon Ma Thuot's attraction

Buon Ma Thuot does not have attractions on offer. What it does offer, however, is easy access to the attractions in its immediate area. This is the reason why Buon Ma Thuot is considered a good base for excursions and outdoor trips.
In the immediate area of Buon Ma Thuot, beautiful waterfalls are one of the best attractions. Gia Long and Dray Nur are impressive but if you have to visit just one waterfall, it should be Dray Sap, which can be found in a stunning rainforest.
Another must-visit attraction is the Yok Don National Park which is considered the largest nature reserve in Vietnam and here visitors can find rare animals and birds, as well as endangered species. However, ethnic tribes such as the Ede and M'nong live here as well and they are known to domesticate wild elephants.
Other attractions accessible through Buon Ma Thuot are the Ban Don Village and the Lak Lake. The former is a village notable for its tribal architecture, while the latter provides an idyllic scene where one can witness the slow pace of rural living. On the shore of the lake is June Village, where people live in thatched-roof houses on stilts.