Vietnam Museum of Revolution

About Vietnam Museum of Revolution

Address: 25 Tong Dan Hanoi
Opening hours: everyday of the week except for Monday; 8:00-11:45; 13:30- 16:15
Entrance fee: 15,000 (USD 0.75)


If you are touring along Tran Quang Khai road or Tong Dan street, chances are that you will be stopped out of curiosity and admiration by the unique French style architecture of Vietnam Museum of Revolution. Built in 1917 by the French colony, the place is now dedicated to displaying artifacts, documentaries and sporadic exhibitions about Vietnamese’s struggle in modern history. The content is divided into three parts, 1858-1945; 1945- 1975 and 1975-now, which correspond with the French colonialism period, the Vietnam War period and the Post-war period. As impressive as the range of topics covered is the interior and exterior design of the building, which can be found only in other historic places put up during the early 20th century in Hanoi.

How to get there

The Museum is about 10-15 minute walk from the Old Quarter Hanoi area. Mark down its location on your map and find your way out of Old Quarter’s puzzle!