Pa Thom Cave in Dien Bien

Parts of Pa Thom Village, the spectacular Pa Thom Cave is located to the west of Dien Bien District, adjoining the border between Vietnam and Laos. Interestingly, the local inhabitants usually refer to the cave as Tham Nang Lai which means the Full-of-Fairies Cave in Vietnamese language.

Accompanied by myths about love and loyalty, Pa Thom Cave is not only a natural wonder but also a holy place in the belief of Dien Bien people. Located up high on the side of a mountain, the cave has a 12m high, 17m wide, arch-shaped mouth. At the middle of this special entrance stands a giant stone resembling the head of an elephant. Along the 350m length of the cave, there are 9 arches of different sizes. Impressive stones, stalactites, and stalagmites are ubiquitous. Right after you enter the cave, you will see a block of three huge stones that looks like a giant snake. Stalactites and stalagmites come in a variety of sizes and shapes, sparkling mysteriously under the candle light. The cave is extremely spacious. Decorated with majestic block of stones, the ceilings looks like that of a luxurious palace. The beautiful curtains made of soft-looking, colorful stalactites hang themselves beside the silver waterfalls inside the cave.

In addition to its magnificent look, the local tales about love make Pa Thom Cave a romantic and attractive destination for travelers from everywhere. When you have a chance to visit Dien Bien, never forget to pay a visit to this wonderful natural site. Surely, it will never let you down!