Quang Binh Restaurants/ Dining Scene

Those who visit Quang Binh will have no difficulty finding good places to eat as there are plenty of restaurants to visit for a satisfying taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, as well as international favourites. As expected, majority of the restaurants in the province are located in Dong Hoi, the capital. Travellers who love seafood will have enough dining options, thanks to the likes of Ba Hien Seafood Restaurant, Hai Yen Seafood Restaurant, Quoc Dung Seafood Restaurant and Viet Hung Seafood Restaurant. The last three establishments mentioned can be found at Quang Phu Beach.
Tourists who find themselves in the Le Thuy district of the province should go to the town of Kien Gang, where most of the good restaurants are located. Some of them are Chau Hien Restaurant, An Dung Restaurant, Thuong Phe Restaurant and Que Huong Restaurant.
Meanwhile, the district of Bo Trach also features fine eateries in the form of Phong Nha Restaurant, Viet Hong Restaurant and Sai Gon - Phong Nha Restaurant.