Nightlife in Quang Binh

Nightlife in Quang Binh is the same as every other Vietnamese province: Due to the lack of nightclubs and other nighttime hangout spots, the night time activity is limited to drinking. Those who want to enjoy a drink or two in a sophisticated setting can go to the Sun Spa Resort in Dong Hoi. The resort is where one will find the Ocean Bar, an open-air area which is a great source of traditional drinks and exotic cocktails. It is open from 06:00 to 23:00; at night, there is a Filipino band that provides live entertainment.
There are countless cafés in the provincial capital for those who want to enjoy a nightcap or two. Bar Café Wonder N0 1 in Nguyen Trai Street in Dong Hoi is a recommended stop. Meanwhile, those who want a less expensive way to round off the night should check out the joints and stalls which serve rice wine or bia hoi (or both). They can usually be found near the highway.