Your Introduction to Asia

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Admin in Why Travel to Vietnam? tagged Asia Travel, Vietnam Travel
Your Introduction to Asia

Gone are the days of a war torn country. While Vietnam was once associated with turbulent times and domestic division, the coastal nation now enjoys a massive influx in tourism (and constantly rising), superb economic growth and a peaceful homeland. Why Travel to Vietnam? Because it is becoming one of the best countries in the continent to welcome you into Asia.

Always Wanted to Travel to Asia?

There is nothing more exciting than leaving your home country and visiting another part of the world that is very different from your own. Many of the traditional Asian destinations that draw people in however, are a bit of a shock upon arrival. Instead of meeting a new, fresh culture, many tourists are bumping into what feels like an extension of their own cities back home; bustling shopping malls, fast food chains on every corner and a sea of faces tucked into iPads & iPhones. Beaches, restaurants and streets are filled with tourists and the only locals you can find are working in the hospitality businesses.

How is Vietnam Different?

Though it does enjoy some of the comforts of “the West” (the first McDonalds just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City in February 2014), the country holds strongly and firmly onto its own customs, culture and traditional way of life. You can travel to Vietnam and encounter that traditional ‘Asian mystique’ that attracts so many foreigners to Asia, without sacrificing the comforts of modernity and technology. Here you can explore and encounter ancient religions and customs still being practiced daily, meet both locals and traditional ethnic groups, visit iconic places such as the Mekong River Delta and rice paddy-tiered mountains of Sapa, and shop ‘til you drop in traditional open air markets. If you need a taste of home, there is always a “western” option to lean on, but there is never any mistaking that you are, in fact, in Vietnam.

Is it Safe?

On top of this very genuine, traditional Asian experience, Vietnam is also an extremely safe and easy country to travel in. Crimes against tourists are very rare, barring petty theft and the usual big-city pick pocketing, and the Vietnamese are always willing to lend a helping hand. Some destinations in Asia have that daunting feeling that you could just be swallowed whole, but in even the largest cities of Vietnam there is an overall sense of comfort and safety.

Traditional Hospitality.

If you are ready to visit Asia, allow Vietnam to be your perfect introduction. The Vietnamese are known for their charming hospitality, which helps make domestic travel easy and accommodation memorable. There’s always a smiling face at every hotel, someone to point you in the right direction in the street, and it’s not uncommon for foreigners to be invited to local weddings, family gatherings and general celebrations… just because!

So if you are ready to travel to Asia, allow Vietnam to be your country of initiation. MinMax Travel prides itself off tailoring the perfect tours to your wants and needs, so allow our experts to help plan your trip to Asia and Vietnam today!