Why Your Next Vacation Should Be to Central Vietnam

Posted on April 15, 2015 by isocms in Why Travel to Vietnam? tagged Vietnam Central Travel
Why Your Next Vacation Should Be to Central Vietnam

When planning a vacation abroad, there are endless things that can come to mind… however, two crucial things stand out when it comes to Vietnam travel: weather and activities. Not many people want to spend their tropical holiday indoors or under a raincoat for the entire time… and when you travel to Vietnam, this can often be the case.

While Ho Chi Minh City can have visitors running for the next air-conditioned retreat and Hanoi often has visitors putting on another layer, Da Nang and the central Vietnam region has something else to offer.

Sure, it’s hot... and humid. But from the months of February to September, most visitors will have the allure of the coastline to cool them down. Days spent by the pool or by long, sandy stretches of beach… beautiful resorts popping up left and right offering world-class food and drinks, little coconut huts tended by local “ba’s” selling seats and cold beers for rock bottom prices- there’s always somewhere to cool down!

While the rainy season (between late September and early January) can put a damper on the holiday, there’s a long stretch of 8 months where good weather can almost be guaranteed. What to do if you don’t want to spend your entire holiday at the beach?

For those who are interested in the historic and cultural side of travel, Central Vietnam offers the UNESCO destinations of My Son (ancient Cham ruins), the ancient town of Hoi An (always a traveler’s favorite), Marble Mountain and the Imperial City of Hue (another UNESCO gem). From shopping, eating, bar hopping and river cruising to diving, motorbiking, jet skiing and snorkeling- there are seemingly endless entertainment options when it comes to this region.

Da Nang city itself has undergone an incredible transformation over the past few years, adding beautiful bridges, incredible restaurants and bars, new resorts and cafes… even the skyline has changed! Accommodation is widespread, the city is small enough that access is easy via taxi (and cheap too!) and the beach is always just a stones throw away.

If you’re interested in getting out a bit, Central Vietnam also offers the mountainside retreat of Bana Hills (a fantasy park that offers cool rides and even cooler temperatures- a welcome change from the humidity down below!), the breathtaking Hai Van Pass (one of the world’s most iconic stretches of coastal road- great for motorbike trips) and a number of surrounding destinations that are only starting to see the touches of tourism (Lang Co beach region- south of Hue).

Central Vietnam is home to friendly locals, delicious & fresh food (the seafood can’t get any fresher!), accessibility to a number of different destinations and an international airport that makes arriving and departing simple. With beautiful weather, a wide range of day time activities, a long stretch of pristine coastline and loads of evening entertainment options, Central Vietnam just might be the perfect place to spend your next holiday!