Nightlife in Pleiku

Tourists who enjoy the drinking and party scene at night may be disappointed with what Pleiku has to offer in terms of nightlife. In this place, it is hard to find bars, pubs and nightclubs and the best bet when it comes to nightlife is the HAGL (Hoang Anh Gia Lai) Hotel in Phu Dong. This is probably the best place to stay when in Pleiku, which is not really surprising since it is a four-star hotel. The HAGL Hotel can be considered a nightlife destination because it houses a nightclub and a karaoke lounge and visitors who stay in this hotel are guaranteed to have an interesting night here.
Another hotel in Pleiku which night owls can visit is the Bamboo Green Hotel in Le Lai Street. Like the HAGL Hotel, this place also has karaoke rooms.
Meanwhile, visitors who just want to relax with a drink can go to Tan Tay Nguyen, a thatched longhouse with a garden bar.