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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose MinMax Travel

Organizing a trip to Vietnam? Don’t let the planning, logistics, government regulations and language barriers spoil your experience. MinMax Travel is a locally owned and operated travel company that exists for one reason: to make your trip to Vietnam a smooth and memorable one.Working in the tourism/hospitality industries, we know that competition is tight. There are endless international and domestic travel companies that offer their “seamless services” to the adventure-seeking traveler. Why Choose MinMax Travel over the rest? Here are our Top Ten Reasons.

1. Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

There’s a lot that goes into planning a trip. From the various logistics to the multitude of destinations, you want to make sure that every angle of the journey is covered. In booking through our company, we guarantee that whatever services you’re seeking (whether a short 2-day trip to Ha Long Bay or an extensive 3-week country-wide tour), you will get exactly what you’re hoping for. At MinMax Travel, we never overpromise and under deliver. We are entirely committed to quality and promise to give travelers exactly what they’re expecting… and more!

2. Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

At MinMax Travel, we pride ourselves off providing the customer with the best travel experience imaginable. From arranging the best transportation and accommodation options to organizing the most unique and memorable country tours- our aim is to both meet and exceed your expectations. If for whatever reason you are not pleased/satisfied with any of our services, the quality of the trip is not as what we said. we always guarantee your money back. Over the years, our company has built its flawless reputation off hard work and customer satisfaction, helping make MinMax Travel one of Vietnam’s most reputable travel companies. When you travel with MinMax Travel, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience, or your money back!

3. The Most Competitive Rates

The Most Competitive Rates

Years in the industry have helped MinMax Travel establish excellent relationships with some of the biggest names in travel throughout Southeast Asia. Thanks to these strong ties, we are able to offer our customers the most competitive rates in the business. When you book and travel through MinMax, you know that you’re getting the best transport, best hotels, best tours and best experiences for the lowest possible price. What other companies advertise as 3, 4 and 5 star businesses, may not always be the case. At MinMax Travel we guarantee only the top names in the business, ensuring that you’re always getting the right “bang for your buck”. Also, with absolutely no hidden costs, you will never be “surprised” with any added fees or charges.

4. Free Vietnam Visa Invitation Letter For Package Tours

Free Vietnam Visa Invitation Letter For Package Tours

Though most countries in Southeast Asia offer a visa on arrival service, Vietnam does not. For many travelers, a trip to their local Vietnamese Consulate is not always the easiest or most economical option. The only other option for obtaining a Vietnam Visa is through a “letter of invitation”. For a fee (often half the cost of a visa itself), many websites, companies and business compose this “invitation letter” for visitors, enabling them to pick up a visa at the border. MinMax Travel provides all its customers with a FREE visa invitation letter, which enables them to pay for and pick up their Vietnam Visa on arrival. Whether a solo-traveler or family of five, this free letter will save you money!!

Note: Approval letter just applied for popular nationality and Package Tour with one month single entry.

5. We Take Care of Everything

We Take Care of Everything

Traveling to a foreign country can be an exhilarating, yet daunting task. Planning, booking, searching, researching, traveling and bartering can leave travelers so exhausted that they forget to enjoy themselves! Our aim as your travel company is to take care of absolutely everything, leaving you to do nothing but experience and enjoy our vibrant country and culture. When you book through MinMax, you can rest assured that every big/small detail and travel plan will be well organized and taken care of. Don’t expend all your time and energy on planning, leave it to the travel experts!!

6. Vietnam Tours, Custom Made for You

Vietnam Tours, Custom Made for You

Vietnam is our homeland. We know all the must visit spots and beautiful hidden gems throughout the entire country. Our company offers a vast number of tours and packages that help show you all the most amazing aspects of our eclectic nation. We do know, however, that travel time and interests vary from person to person. That’s why MinMax offers complete flexibility with all their tours, and freedom for customers to pick and choose where and when they want to visit destinations. Our professional staff can create custom made tours to fit any traveler’s interests, time constraints and budgets. It’s your vacation, you should be able to choose how you want to spend it!

7. The Local Experience

The Local Experience

Visiting Vietnam should be an extremely unique and memorable experience. However, if you get stuck with the wrong tour company/group, you may just be another dollar sign in a crowd of tourists. With MinMax Travel, your experience and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. That’s why we work one on one with you, the traveler, to ensure that you have the real local Vietnamese experience. All our staff, guides and field professionals are knowledgeable, friendly, local Vietnamese who know both the country and the industry front to back- guaranteeing your experience to be unforgettable!

8. Our Amazing Staff

Our Amazing Staff

At MinMax Travel, we understand the importance of customer service. That’s why we employ only the top professionals in all fields of the business. From the most experienced, reliable and well-versed local guides to our professionally trained, personable and accommodating office staff, your experiences with the MinMax team will always be informative and memorable. Whether booking from another country or touring one of Vietnam’s most celebrated destinations, working with MinMax Travel guarantees that you will be in good hands.

9. Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety is Our Top Priority

There is nothing we take more seriously than the safety of our customers. Though Vietnam is an extremely safe country to visit, we observe all the extra precautions to make sure no unwanted experiences occur during your visit. Our travel experts inspect every aspect of your trip prior to arrival, to ensure your safety and security all the way through. We use only the safest and most reliable modes of transport, book the most reputable and established hotels and always keep your personal details safe and secure.

10. 24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Whether planning your trip a year in advance or a week before you hope to depart- our customer service experts are always ready and waiting to help. Regardless of time zones, weekends, holidays or time of day- there will be someone to help you with your inquires whenever you need it! Whether you’re looking for a quick travel quote or an entire planned itinerary, contact our MinMax Travel experts to see what Vietnamese hospitality and customer service is all about!

Thank you to Jennifer at Minmax for giving us a fantastic service. Day tours, transfers, guides, accommodation, drivers.

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