Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is Vietnam’s southwestern-most region. With the mighty Mekong River at its heart and a vast vein-like system of canals and tributaries jutting off the main artery, this iconic corner of the country is one of Vietnam’s most important and interesting places to visit. Not only home to one of the country’s largest and busiest cities (Can Tho), the Delta is also one of Vietnam’s top rice-producing regions. Between its bustling cities, buzzing riverside life and landscape illustrated with rice paddies, mangroves and palm trees, visitors will be entirely enchanted by this southern attraction. With such an important water-based culture and industry, it only makes sense to tour the Mekong Region not only by land, but also by river.

There’s nothing quite like taking an early morning boat ride along the Mekong River. Wake up before dawn and head out into the murky waters on a traditional, local boat. Silently paddling your way through the canals and tributaries you’ll not disturb the riverside inhabitants waking up all around you, giving you a rare and authentic view of daily life along the river. Many Mekong locals are already on the river, however, heading towards the famous floating markets. Locals and tourists alike gather on the Mekong’s waters to buy, sell and trade for the day, with everything from coffee and breakfast vendors to boats overloaded with bananas, watermelons and other colorful market items. It’s quite the unforgettable experience riding through these busy water-based markets, as well as turning off into the narrow side canals where you can slip into the serenity of local living.

MinMax offers a number of different Mekong tours that will help you experience the best of this iconic southeastern region. Whether you have a couple weeks or a couple days, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the most out of your Mekong explorations. If you do have some extra travel time on your hands, don’t let other popular destinations in Vietnam trump the beauty of the Mekong. With so much to see and do (within and beyond the usual tourist trail), you’ll never be bored, uninterested or let down during your time in the Delta. You should keep an eye on when you’re booking your Vietnam/Mekong stay, as many tourists prefer to stay dry on their riverside excursions… not visiting during the monsoon season! (See our post on the best time to visit Vietnam).

If you’re ready to explore this beautiful corner of Vietnam, check out our Southern Vietnam tours or contact our MinMax professionals with your budget, time frame and top destinations… we’ll be happy to accommodate! If you’re not sure about where to go in the Mekong, leave the touring plans to the professionals- we promise your itinerary and experience will be unforgettable!