There is no drinking age in Vietnam, and if there is, it is known by no one. This tradition does not mean that you will drink irresponsibly. In general, draught beers are local’s favorite, often served with a plate of peanuts or grilled dog meat. Beer is cheap, at about 20-30 cents for a huge mug, and act as perfect refreshment for the severe heat of Vietnam summer. Alcohol and liquors are sold widely and not limited to only ¨Liquoreria¨ as in Latin America or LCBO as in Canada. Foreign brands can be found, but half are mixed with something else to make a profit. So choose wisely!Local wine can be found in almost all eateries and some of them may be strong. On trip to mountainous areas such as those to Da Lat or Sapa, try ¨ruou can¨, a type of wine that is drunk with multiple straws from a common vase.Tap water is not drinkable. Only drink chilled boiled water, or buy some bottle water. For those who are environmentally conscious, you can always sell them back to ¨dong nat¨, a type of street business that buy back used material and recycle them.