Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood
This is the eastern most island of Thailand, 80 kilometers south east of Trat town close to the border with Cambodia. It is the second largest island in the Koh Chang national park and the fourth largest island in Thailand. About 70% of the island is covered in tropical forest and there is a breathtaking waterfall in the interior. The island has little development and stunningly beautiful beaches.

This is similar to the former island in that it's mostly for upscale tourists who have already pre-booked a package deal, though several mid-range bungalow operations opened in 2004. Its geography, however, is much more like Koh Chang: humpbacked with hills covered in lush rainforest. The island also has its fair share of pleasant beaches, and the visually appealing Namtok Khlong Chao, the beautiful waterfall which has a pool at the bottom where you can swim in the midst of verdant jungle to the melodies of birdsong and insect chatter.

The accommodation on this island is largely devoted to package tourists, pre-booking several nights at a time, which also saves you about 30 to 40 percent on the noma1 walk-in rates. Most of the resorts offer similar facilities for similar rates, around 2,500 per night, if you book in advance. Try Peter Pan Resort and Captain Hook Resort, Koh Kut Cabana, Kut Island Resort, or Khlong Jaew Resort.

The original inhabitants were Thais and Cambodians who fled to the Thai territory when the French took over the city of Padjantakiri in 1904. The oldest community is Klong Mad Village whose residents still make a living out of planting rubber trees, coconut trees and basic fisheries. But the biggest community here is Ao Yai Village, a harbor where many fishing boats seek refuge during rough weather.

How to get there
In the past, it was hard to get there because of rarely boat service. Visitors who bought tour packages from each resort went to Koh Kood by private speed boat operated by resort. As a result, Koh Kood seems to be a very private island hideway in Thai Eastern Seashore with white sand beach, crystal blue sea, virgin forests and waterfall. In the meantime, transportation to Koh Kood is easier than the past. There are new ferry service called "Koh Kood Seatran" from Laem Ngob to Koh Kood. There is also island hopper service called "Island Hopper" (someone called "Graham ferry") hop around the islands.

How to go to Laem Ngob pier:
From Trat town, visitors can continue by share taxi transports to Leam Ngob pier where services are operated all day. Distance from town to Leam Ngob pier is 17 kilometres.

Laem Ngob pier - Koh Kood:
Passengers of Koh Kood Seatran usually leave from Leam Ngob pier to to Koh Kood on Friday and Saturday one time only at 9.00 am. (Ferry operation are subject to change without notice due to climate condition). For "Island hopper" ferry service, it operates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only. It starts at Koh Chang in the morning and then goes to Koh Wai, Koh Kham, Koh Mak, Koh Rayang and Koh Kood. The boat returns, calling at all the islands to Koh Chang in the afternoon.