Rayong Beaches

With a coastline of over 100 kilometres in length Rayong offers an ideal location Thailand beach vacation. Beautiful waterfalls amid natural surrounds, pristine beaches, rich marine resources and some of the best sea-food Asia has to offer are amongst the many reasons to stay at this province.

Rayong has long been a favourite for Thai holiday makers and has only recently been discovered by international beach lovers. Koh Samet island lies off the coast of Ban Pae where a world class aquarium is also situated

Hat Laem Charoen and Hat Sang Chan
Hat Laem Charoen and Hat Sang Chan are two excellent beaches that are in fact connected and in essence, one long beach. Hat Laem Charoen is only 5 kilometers from Rayong municipality and a seaside destination which is very popular with locals (who often come to sample to the seafood restaurants in the vicinity). Hat Saeng Chan is slightly further away from the municipality (7 kilometres). Both beaches are great for swimming as they have calm, clear waters. There are a number of accommodation options in the area, if required.

Hat Mae Ramphueng
Hat Mae Ramphueng is one of Rayong's better known attractions, a huge expanse of beach stretching 12 kilometres along the coast with a real, live fishing village marking where the beach finishes. A number of swimming-related deaths are recorded each year, to some extent the cause remains a mystery. It is really not advisable to swim too far out into the sea, although swimming near the beach is perfectly safe.

Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach)
This beach is over a kilometre long and recognised as Koh Samet's nicest. It is also the busiest! The beach is probably where the best nightlife happens on the island, with lots of restaurants playing videos, karaoke, bars. you know the sort of thing! If you want to stay around the beach there is plenty of accommodation available, albeit a bit on the steep side. Daytime is fun here, too! Plenty of water sport activity, water skiing, jet-skis. and divers and snorkelers trying to dodge the chaos! This beach attracts day trippers and those on short breaks; as a result, it is often a bit frenetic!