Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin is Thailand's original beach resort. Starting late in the nineteenth century, it was visited with increasing frequency by the Siamese royalty. The arrival of the railroad in the 1920s opened Hua Hin to a wider audience. The charming Victorian-styled Railway Hotel was built soon after. Today, the hotel has become then Sofitel Central and is a rare opportunity to experience the feeling of a bygone era.

The rapid development that many other Thai beach resorts experienced over the last 25 years mostly passed Hua Hin by. As a result, Hua Hin has appealed as a family destination with very little of the sleaze that seemed to follow the development of other beach resorts. However, you will find the big hotel chains in Hua Hin, which these days is attractive as a get-away from Bangkok that is more relaxed than Pattaya.

Hua Hin beach stretches about 4 kilometers from the town center to Khao Takiab. Hua Hin beach is well know for its spectacular sunrises. Hua Hin beach is newer overcrowded and you can always find a quiet little spot. The white sand makes it one of the best beach streaches in on the Gulf of Thailand.

Hua Hin name (Hua Hin - head stone) is derived from the rock formations that can be seen on the beach in front of the Sofitel Central Hotel.

For those who are a little more adventurous, pony rides can be taken and for those simply relaxing there are plenty of deck chairs, sun loungers and beach umbrellas available for a small hourly charge.

Further south of town, behind Khao Takiab there is Suan Son beach. It is named after the numerous pine trees that fringe the beach. This is a popular spot for locals not very often visited by westeners.

Water sports

Hua Hin and the west coast of the Gulf are becoming well known for windsurfing and para-sailing with strong northeasterly winds and clean offshore waters. Equipment can be rented from the main hotels. If you require more speed you can try water skiing or the jet ski. Both sports will give you a real adrenalin rush. You can have lessens under a qualified instructor.