Trang or Muang Thap Thiang used to be a port involved in foreign trade. It was the first city where rubber was planted. Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi brought rubber from Malaysia and planted it here before anywhere else in southern Thailand in 1899. Rubber is now considered an important commodity of Thailand. The important Trang River flows through the province from its origin in the Khao Luang mountain range and the Palian River from the Banthat mountain range.

Trang is a coastal province on the Indian Ocean with a long western coastline of about 199 kilometres. The province consists of an archipelago in the Andaman Sea with over 46 islands. Of these, 12 are in Amphoe Kantang, 13 in Amphoe Palian and 21 in Amphoe Sikao. The best time for sea travel is during October to May of the following year. Trang has a total area of 4,941 square kilometers.


The Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahisornpakdi (Khaw Sim Bee Na Ranong) Monument was erected to honor the first governor of Trang (1890-1901) who initiated, and was instrumental in bringing, the rubber tree seedlings for planting in the province, turning it into the province's main product, even up to the present day.

Tourism development is slowly extending into the 50 or so small Andaman Islands off the western coast of Trang, but they have still retained their superb, fine sands, pristine corals, and rich bird and mammal wildlife. There are 4 main islands of interest; Koh Hai, Koh Muk (Pearl Island), Koh Kradan (Board Island), and Koh Libong. The nearest one is the forested Koh Hai with wonderful beaches and corals on the eastern side. Koh Muk is popular for its Tham Morakot (Emerald Cave) on the western side. The long, limestone tunnel leads from the sea to an inland beach surrounded by towering cliffs and accessible by boats only at low tide. Koh Kradan, one of the most beautiful and most remote islands in this group, hosts the annual Trang Underwater Wedding Fair. Further south is the largest island of them all, Koh Libong, famed for bird-watching during March and April.

Located 21 km from the city, the remote Khao Chong Wildlife Sanctuary contains an impressive open zoo, 2 spectacular waterfalls, and a bird sanctuary, the Klong Lamchan reservoir, which attracts numerous migratory waterfowls during the months of January and March.

About 50 km west of the city, the 144,300-rai Hat Chao Mai National Park has a varied coastal geography consisting of 9 small islands, mangrove creeks interspersed with coastal karsts, and hidden beaches accessible through caves.The Rubber Museum informs the public about the history of the rubber industry, the correct method of tapping rubber sap from trees, and displays tools used in making the pressed rubber sheets widely seen hanging out to dry in plantations all over Southern Thailand.

City Attractions

Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi Monument is in Trang Municipal Park, about 1 kilometre from the Provincial Hall on the Trang-Phatthalung route. Phraya Ratsada helped to make Trang the prosperous city it is today. He developed transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry, education, and local administration. He was also the first person to plant rubber trees in the province, which contributed to its widespread planting in southern Thailand.

Sa Kaphang Surin in Trang Municipality is about 2 kilometres from the Provincial Hall on Wian Kaphang Road. This is a natural pool of about 80,000 square metres. A concrete bridge spans the pool to three beautiful connecting pavilions in the pool's centre. The surrounding area is a public park. A zoo is not far from Phraya Ratsadanupradit Monument. Phra Srinagarindra Park (Thung Nam Phut) is 3 kilometres from the city. Nam Phut Road is on the right of Tha Klang Road. The park has a lovely landscape and a magnificent view.

Phra Non Song Khrueang Manora is at Wat Phu Khao Thong, Moo 1, Tambon Nam Phut, around 20 kilometres from the city.

The Buddha image is in the death posture. The most distinctive feature is the head, which has a decorated head-dress of the Nora dance called the Throet, regarded as a holy and royal ornament of the dance that is an indigenous performance of southern Thailand.

Na Yong

Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Promotion Station is approximately 21 kilometres from the city on the Trang-Phatthalung Road. This is one of the more attractive places of southern Thailand. There is an abundance of large trees, streams and waterfalls like Ton Yai, Ton Noi and Ka Chong. This is the first nature and wildlife study place in Thailand. In addition, the "nature study trail" is a walking trail ideal for studying nature up close. Signs along the trail provide information on the environment. "The Museum and Exhibition Building" has exhibitions on nature and natural resource conservation. More information can be obtained from the station at Moo 7, Tambon Chong, Amphoe Na Yong, P.O. Box 4, Trang.

Khlong Lam Chan Waterfowl Park is in Khlong Lam Chan Wildlife Reserve, 17 kilometres from the city on the Trang-Phatthalung route, then a right on the Ban Ka Chong-Ban Hat Lao Road (Highway No. 4124) for about 1 kilometre. A large swamp in the park is the home of numerous waterfowls. The period when there is the most number of birds is January-March. The park is a peaceful place suitable for relaxation, tourism or overnight camping. Permission must be obtained in writing from the Chief of Wildlife Reserve Section, Wildlife Conservation Division, Royal Forestry Department, tel. 0-2561-4292-4 ext. 714. Tham Khao Chang Hai is 5 kilometres from Amphoe Na Yong Market in Ban Na Muen Si. The cave has a great deal of lovely stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes.

Na Muen Si Woven Cloth is the most famous product of Na Muen Si, a Tambon in Trang. The women of Na Muen Si established a weaving group that maintains the weaving heritage of the area. Visitors can see the group's works at its office, which is on the same road to Khao Chang Hai Cave, or about 5 kilometres on Na Muen Si Road. For further information, please contact the Amphoe Na Yong Community Development Office, tel. 0-7524-2431. About 300 metres away is the Tambon Na Muen Si Local Heritage Museum that is the local cultural centre for preserving local arts and handicrafts. Over 300 ancient utensils and artefacts are on display here.

Namtok Ka Chong is in Khao Chong Botanical Park on the Trang-Phatthalung Road in Amphoe Na Yong, about 7 kilometres from the district office. The majestic waterfall falls from a high mountain down a cliff and rocks. It is very popular with locals who visit it in large numbers everyday.


The first rubber tree in Thailand is along a road that leads to Kantang. This tree represents the first group of rubber trees that Phraya Ratsadanupradit planted to pioneer the rubber plantation industry in 1899.
Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi Museum is around 200 metres from Kantang Municipality at No. 1, Khai Phithak Road, Tambon Kantang. It is the site of an important historical site, the "former lord of Trang's house" where Phraya Ratsadanupradit once lived. Inside the two-story wooden building are a wax figure of the lord and a complete collection of his daily personal items. Currently, the Na Ranong family manages the house. It is open to the public every day, except Mondays (it is open on public holidays but closed the following day). Groups requiring a guide must contact the Kantang Phitthayakon School in advance at tel. 0-7525-1100.

Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park is around 24 kilometres from the city. The 250-acre park has beautiful surroundings. It has been developed to grow large trees and decorative plants. There is a rest pavilion and a parking lot for tourists. The park offers a great view of the sea and Kantang. Hat Yong Ling and Hat San is on the way to Chao Mai Beach, where a 2-kilometre road leads to Yong Lin Beach. This curved beach runs parallels a pine forest. At the beach's end is a high mountain with holes and caves that passes through to a cliff with more caves and rocks, similar to a fortress encircling sand dunes. The beach is ideal for swimming and rest. There is a park headquarters and a tourist service centre.

Hat Yao is at Moo 6 in Tambon Ko Libong. This long beach extends from a mountain in the shape of a shark's fin to the north. Lovely sea pines line the wide beach, which is suitable for camping. Private accommodation is also available.

Chao Mai Cave-Chao Khun Cave is a stalagmite/stalactite cave in To Nae Mountain, near Ban Chao Mai. It can be reached by boat a 15-minute trip from Yao Beach to Khlong Chao Mai. A small rowboat can go through the cave to a verdant mangrove forest where the other cave is nearby. Visitors have to walk up to the cave to fully appreciate its beauty.

Ko Libong is in Tambon Libong and is the largest island in the Trang Sea, with an area of 40,000 square kilometres. Around the island are masses of seaweed where the rare herds of manatees can be seen.
It is also the home of a variety of native and migratory birds that are most abundant in winter. Ko Libong is part of the Libong Archipelago Wildlife Reserve. The park headquarters is located here. The island has many capes and beaches such as Tup Beach, Chu Hoi Cape, Thuat Cape, and To Chai Cape. People can walk across the beach at Chu Hoi Cape at low tide to Ko Tup where great numbers of seabirds and mangrove birds from colder climates congregate during their migration. Many fishing villages are on the island. Most residents are Muslims. From Ko Libong, one can get a good view of Ko Chao Mai and Chao Mai Cape. To get to the island, take a boat at Hat Yao Ban Chao Mai Pier. A boat leaves every hour and takes 30 minutes to get to the island. The rental fee is 400 baht per boat. There is accommodation on the island. For more information, please contact the Libong Archipelago Wildlife Reserve, P.O. Box 5, Amphoe Kantang, Trang, tel. 0-7525-1932.

Hot spring is at Moo 7, Tambon Bo Nam Ron, around 10 kilometres from Kantang. This natural hot spring has a constant temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. It is an interesting place for health tourism. Ko Muk and Morakot Cave are the most impressive points in the Trang Sea. The island is comprised of mostly high and majestic cliffs facing the sea to the west, while a fishing village is to the east facing the mainland. Swallow birds make the numerous cliffs their home. Hidden among them are the fantastic Morakot Cave. The cave entrance is a small passage on the island's western side that is accessible by boat during low tide. The cave itself winds for about 80 metres to the other exit, opening onto a clean white beach surrounded by high cliffs. To get to Ko Muk, tourists can take a boat from Pak Meng Pier in Amphoe Sikao for the 40-minute trip. The boat rent is around 1,500 baht/day. Accommodation is available on the island.

Ko Chueak - Ko Waen are small islands between Ko Muk and Ko Kradan. They are teeming with shallow and deepwater corals and many types of fish. Visitors can depart from Pak Meng Pier for the islands. Boats leave regularly using the same route as to Ko Muk and Ko Kradan. The 50-minute trip costs 1,500 baht/day for a chartered boat.

Ko Kradan is the most beautiful island in Trang. With an area of 600 acres, most of the island (5/6) is under the jurisdiction of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The rest are privately owned rubber and coconut plantations. The island offers good restaurants and accommodation for tourists. The most striking feature of Ko Kradan is its powdery, white beach and crystal clear water that permits a great view of the coral reef underneath that stretches from the beach's northern end to the coast. A variety of colourful fish inhabit the shallow water corals. Ko Kradan is to the west of Ko Muk and Ko Libong. From Pak Meng Pier, visitors can take a 1.30-hour boat trip to Ko Kradan.


Hat Chao Mai National Park is a marine national park covering the 2 districts of Kantang and Sikao with a 20-kilometres coastline. The park headquarters is at Chang Lang Beach in Tambon Mai Fat, approximately 47 kilometres from the city. To get there, take the Trang-Sikao-Pak Meng Road (Highway No. 4162) for 40 kilometres and then 7 kilometres more on a road paralleling the beach to the park headquarters. Land-based attractions of the park are Pak Meng Beach, Chang Lang Beach, San Beach, Yao Beach, Yong Ling Beach, Chao Mai Beach, and Chao Mai Cave. All are easily accessible by car. Moreover, there are 7 other islands for which the park is responsible. They are Ko Muk, Ko Kradan, Ko Chueak, Ko Pling, Ko Waen, Ko Meng, and Ko Chao Mai. The area was proclaimed a national park on 14 October 1982. The park also features the Marine Natural Study Centre (tel. 0-7521-0664) and the Tourist Service Centre.

Accommodation is available on the island. For more details, please contact the National Parks Division, Royal Forestry Department, tel. 0-2561-2920 - 1 or Hat Chao Mai National Park, Moo 5, Tambon Mai Fat, Amphoe Sikao, Trang, P.O. Box 9, tel. 0-7521- 0099.

Ko Ngai or Ko Hai is an island that is actually in Amphoe Ko Lanta of Krabi. However, it is classified as a tourist destination in the Trang Sea because it is easier to get there from Trang. The island has a white beach, clear waters and is surrounded by magnificent corals. A boat trip from Pak Meng Pier takes about an hour. A 10-person capacity boat rent is 1,500 baht and for 20-40 persons is 6,000-10,000 baht. Accommodation is available on the island.

Rajamangkala Aquarium is around 30 kilometres from the city on the Trang-Sikao-Pak Meng Road (Highway No. 4046-4162). The large building is inside the Fishery Faculty, Rajamangkala Institute of Technology, Trang Campus, Tambon Mai Fat. The aquarium has 61 displays and a number of fishponds. The aquarium has freshwater and marine fish, amphibians and the most realistic model of a mangrove forest. It is open daily during official hours. For more information, call tel. 0-7524-8201-5.

Hat Pak Meng is at Moo 4, Tambon Mai Fat, 38 kilometres from the city on the Trang-Sikao-Pak Meng Road (Highway No. 4046-4162). The beautiful and peaceful, 5-kilometre-long beach is in the shape of a crescent moon and is frindged by a lovely pine forest. Assorted large and small islands dot the sea, looking like a person lying face up in the ocean. Trang locals and people from nearby provinces like to come here to relax and sample spicy seafood in the restaurants. Boats from Pak Meng Pier take visitors to Ko Ngai and other islands close by.


Namtok Ton Te is 45 kilometres from the city. Go on the Trang-Phatthalung Road for about 17 kilometres, right onto the Ban Kachong-Ban Hat Lao Road (Highway No. 4124) for about 27 kilometres and left for 1 kilometre. Originating in the Banthat Mountain Range, water from this large and beautiful waterfall drops down 320 metres to the rocks below. Assorted tropical flora covers the surrounding area. The waterfall is accessible by car throughout the entire year.

Ton Tok Waterfall is 1 kilometre from Ton Tae Waterfall along a walking trail. Streams flow through large and small rocks. Ton Tok offers a great view of Ton Tae.

Sea tour of Palian is recommended by taking the Trang-Palian road (Highway No. 404). The Palian coastline is a lovely indication of the extraordinary features of the Andaman Sea. Famous beaches include Chao Samran and Ta-se. Interesting islands are Ko Sukon, Ko Phetra, Ko Lao Liang Nua, and Ko Lao Liang Tai. Moo Ko Phetra National Park is a marine national park in Amphoe Palian and Amphoe La-ngu in Satun. The area was proclaimed a national park on 31 December 1994 and comprises islands such as Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lanti, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon, Ko Laoliang, and Ko Praoma. Access is possible from Pak Bara Pier in Satun. The most suitable time for a visit is during December-April. Tourist accommodation is available near the park headquarters. For more information, please contact the Marine National Parks Division at tel. 0-2561-2920-1 or the Moo Ko Phetra National Park at Moo 4, Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Langu, Satun, tel. 0-7478-1572.

Ko Sukon is a Tambon in Palian, only 3 kilometres from shore via the Trang-Palian Road (Highway No. 404). The island has many lovely beaches. In addition, it is renowned in the province for its delicious watermelons, which are abundant in March and April. To get there, take a bus on Trang-Palian route or a van from Amphoe Muang for approximately 35 kilometres and cross a ferry at Tha Kham Pier in Palian. Boats leave twice daily at 10.00 hrs. and 14.00 hrs. The trip takes 40 minutes. Alternatively, embark a boat at Ta-se Pier in King Amphoe Hat Samran by using Highway No. 404, turn right at Ban Na intersection and drive for around 18 kilometres and then left for another 7 kilometres or so. The total travelling time is 20-30 minutes. The boat rent is 500 baht for 10 people. There is tourist accommodation on the island.

Huai Yot

Khao Kop Cave is in Moo 1, Tambon Khao Kop, about 7 kilometres from the district office on Phetkasem Road, then 700 metres on a road on the left. Khao Kop Cave is truly a natural wonder with a stream flowing through the cave. The cave itself looks like a high and steep cliff with layers of rocks. A canal from the Banthat Mountain Range divides it into 3 waterways upon reaching Khao Kop, with 2 going around the mountain and the other flowing through the cave under the mountain. Stalactites and stalagmites line the cave for about 4 kilometres. Currently, the Khao Kop Tambon Administration Organization provides rowboats for visitors to view the cave's beauty and eco-tourism and adventure activities are conducted by the locals. The fee is 200 baht for 7 persons, or 30 baht per person. For more information, please contact the organization at tel. 0-7527-1426.

Thale Song Hong is in Tambon Bang Di, 8 kilometres from the district centre. To get there, take Phetkasem Road (Huay Yot-Krabi) to Ban Phraek, then right for 12 kilometres. Thale Song Hong is a large lake encircled by mountains. Jutting out in the middle is a mountain, dividing the water into two sections,hence, the name "Thale Song Hong" (Two-room Sea). The view here is breathtaking and the water is clear enough for viewing the many fishes underneath. Thale Song Hong National Boy Scouts Camp is near Thale Song Hong in Tambon Bang Di. The camp has an area of 2,080 square kilometres. It was established by the Department of Physical Education and offers meeting and seminar rooms for boy scouts around the country.

There are 18 Southern-style houses available, each able to accommodate 10 persons. There are also campsites. For more information, please contact the Trang Physical Education and Sports Centre at Stadium 1, tel. 0-7522-4294.

Khao Pina is in Tambon Na Wong, 45 kilometres from the city on Phetkasem Road. A 2-kilometre road branches from there to the mountain. This mountain is hollow all the way to the top, resembling an overturned pan.

At the foothill is Wat Khao Pina where a reclining Buddha image is situated at the cave entrance. Concrete stairs take guests up to see the cave's beauty, with an option of 3 paths. The area is lovely and very conducive to relaxation.

Yan Ta Khao

Phrai Sawan Waterfall is a medium-sized waterfall with 17 sub-levels. It can be reached by taking the Trang-Phatthalung Road to the 17-km marker, then turn right onto the Ban Ka Chong-Ban Hat Lao Road and drive for 20 kilometres. Then turn left at the waterfall sign and drive for another 4.5 kilometres. The fall has rubber boats available for taking visitors on a 5-kilometre raft trip around the waterfall.

Lam Plok Waterfall is a large 6-level waterfall. From here, one can see islands and the view of the mouth of the Palian River. To get there, take the Trang-Phatthalung Road to the 17-km marker, turn right onto the Ban Ka Chong-Ban Hat Lao Road, and drive for another 26 kilometres where you have to turn left into the waterfall. The Khlong Lam Plok Hydroelectric Project is situated here.

Southern Thailand Botanical Garden (Thung Khai) can be reached via taking the Trang-Palian Road (Highway No. 404) to the 11-km marker. This is a new tourist destination for those interested in studying nature and flora in particular. Inside the park are a tourist service centre, a botanical garden, an herbal garden, a botanical library, a plant museum, and a technical meeting centre. The most important aspect of the park is the many nature trails available, all going through a lowland jungle, as well as a forest with many interesting plant species. Accommodation is available. For more information, please call tel. 0-7521-8435.

Namtok Sai Rung can be visited by taking the Trang-Phatthalung road to about Km. 17, turn right onto the Ban Ka Chong-Ban Hat Lao road for 15 kilometres, then turn left at the waterfall sign and continue for about 4 kilometres. This single-level cascade falls from a high and huge cliff. The water turns into a rainbow as the sun shines onto it.


Tham Phraya Phichai in Ban Nai Wang, Tambon Nong Bua, is a naturally beautiful cave that has plenty of stalactites and stalagmites. It is teeming with wildlife, especially " Hoi Lo", or Lo snails, that are edible.

Tham Phra Phut can be accessed from Ban Ka Pang by turning right to Chauat and driving for around 10 kilometres. At the intersection, turn right and continue for about 7 kilometres. Inside the cave is a large reclining Buddha image and a standing image decorated in the style of a regal southern Thailand dancer. Moreover, there are personal belongings that belonged to upper class people, like ceramics, lacquerware and old pottery. The origin of the items and the temple's history are shrouded in mystery.

King Amphoe Hat Samran

Hat Samran is in Tambon Hat Samran, about 59 kilometres from the city. Take the Trang-Palian Road, turn right at Ban Na intersection in Palian, and drive for 22 kilometres. This Indian Ocean beach has a thick pine forest and offers a good view of large and small islands off-shore. The climate on the islands is warm and breezy all day, making them great holiday spots. Tourists come here to sample fresh seafood and watch the life of local fishermen.


Vegetarian Festival is a traditional Chinese festival held in Trang around Octobe r every year on a full moon night. Thais of Chinese heritage would turn vegetarian (no consumption of meat and certain kinds of vegetables) and dress in white for 9 days and nights in the belief that it brings them bring good fortune and to make merit. Throughout the 9 days and nights, the spirit in the "medium" would go out and give blessing (some call it ' touring') to households where offerings are set out in front. The procession bearing the medium must light thousands of firecrackers, creating a deafening din. The medium would also perform supernatural feats to show that the spirit is in him.

Cake Festival derives from the fact that Trang people are well known for making delicious cakes. This is particularly true for the villagers of Ban Lam Phu Ra where making cakes dates back generations. The cakes of Trang have no frosting and have several flavours like orange, coffee, three-flavoured, etc. The festival is scheduled for every August. The cakes make ideal gifts.

Trang Roast Pork Festival is a tourism promotion activity of Trang that is held every September. The festival features the mouth-watering roast pork made with Trang's special recipe. The pork skin is crispy, the meat is tender, and it is delicious due to a process by which the pig is fermented with herbs then roasted whole on a specially made grill. Trang's roast pork is sold daily and goes well with morning coffee or can be a dish at banquets. Taphao Shell Festival is aimed at promoting the conservation of nature and the environment. The festival is held at Pak Meng Beach every November, which features a contest of gathering Taphao shells.

Trang Products Fair is held annually during April 2 nd -13 th where the fair displays a combination of the culture, traditions and provincial products to be sold in stores, contests, and pageantry.
Annual King's Birthday and Red Cross Fair is held during December 5 th -15 th every year. There are various types of entertainment and shops selling a variety of products. It is the grandest festival of Trang and of southern Thailand.

Hotels and accommodation

  • Asia : 125 Phetchakasem Road, Amphoe Huai Yot [0 7527 1449] : 120-150 baht
  • Changlang Resort : Changlang Beach, Amphoe Sikao [0 7529 1009 (Trang Office), 0 1228 3679, 0 1228 3799 (at the resort)] : 400-1,600 baht
  • Changlang Sea San : Changlang Beach, Amphoe Si Kao [0 1979 3483] : 350 baht
  • Chunlapha Guest House : 4 Khlong Phasi Road, Amphoe Kantang [0 7523 7617, 0 7525 1318] : 400-500 baht
  • Fantasy Resort : Ko Hai [0 7521 0317, 0 7521 1045 (Trang Office), 0 7521 6339 (on the island)] : 2,000-2,700 baht
  • Happy Inn Hotel : 123/3 Mu 2, Tambon Ta Khao, Amphoe Huai Yot [0 7527 1321] : 150-300 baht
  • Hat Yao Nature Beach Resort (Youth Hostel) : Ban Chao Mai Tambon Ko Libong, Amphoe Kantang [0 7526 7133, 0 1397 6689 Fax: 0 7526 7132] : 250-800 baht
  • Hat Yao Resort : Yao Beach, 54 Mu 4 Amphoe Kantang [0 7521 9270] : 300-800 baht
  • J.T. : 181 Ratsada Uthit Road, Amphoe Kantang [0 7525 1755-6] : 300-400 baht
  • Ko Hai Resort : Ko Hai [0 7521 0317, 0 7521 1045] : 600-1,000 baht
  • Ko Hai Villa : Ko Hai [0 7521 0496, 0 1677 0319] : 300-800 baht
  • Ko Kradan Paradise Beach Resort : Ko Kradan [0 7521 1391, 0 7521 1367, 0 7521 1396 Fax: 0 7521 1391] : 600-800 baht
  • Ko Muk Resort : Ko Muk [0 7521 4441 (Trang Office), 0 7521 2613 (on the island)] : 250-300 baht
  • Ko Teng : Amphoe Muang 77-79 Rama 6 Road [0 7521 8622, 0 7521 8148] : 180-300 baht
  • Le Trang Resort : 54/22 Mu 4 Tambon Mai Fat, Amphoe Si Kao [0 7527 4027-8 Fax: 0 7527 4029] : 800-1,500 baht
  • Libong Nature Beach Resort : Ko Libong [0 7526 7133] : 400-1,800 baht
  • M.P. Resort : 184 Trang-Phatthalung Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 4230-45 Fax: 0 7521 1177] : 1,000-2,943 baht
  • Mekhi : 6/19 Mu 1 Amphoe Palian [0 7528 9220] : 120 baht
  • Mermaid : 269/24-25 Soi 1 Phloenphithak Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 1927] : 500 baht
  • Muk Nature Beach Resort : Ko Muk [0 7526 7133, 0 1397 6689 Fax: 0 7526 7133] : 200-900 baht Pak Meng Nature Resort Cabana : Pak Meng Beach, Amphoe Sikao [0 7526 7133, 0 1894 6936] : 400-1,200 baht
  • Pak Meng Resort : Pak Meng Beach, Amphoe Si Kao [0 7521 0321, 0 7527 4111] : 300-500 baht
  • Pakmeng Resort : 60/1 Moo4 (Pakmengq, Tambon Maifaak, Amphoe Sikao [(66 75) 210-321]
  • Phet Hotel : 152 Ratchadamnoen Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 8002, 0 7521 8311] : 100-170 baht
  • Plaza Hotel (Holiday) : 2/2-3 Soi 3 Wiset Kun Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 8720] : 180-400 baht
  • Queens : 85-89 Wiset Kun Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 8229, 0 7521 8522, 0 7521 8422, 0 7521 1085 Fax: 0 7522 1086] : 260-550 baht
  • Si Lamduan : 31 Yuat Prasat Road, Amphoe Yan Ta Khao : 120-200 baht
  • Siri Chai : 452-3 Sathon Sathan Phithak Road, Amphoe Kantang [0 7525 1172] : 180 baht
  • Station Inn and Apartment : 188 Sathani Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7522 3293 Fax: 0 7522 3390] : 200-300 baht
  • Sukon Beach Bungalow : 174 Mu 1, Tambon Sukon, Amphoe Palian, Ko Sukon [0 7521 1457] : 350-550 baht
  • Sukon Resort : Ko Sukon [0 7521 9679, 0 7521 1460] : 400-800 baht
  • Ta-se Beach Resort : Samran Beach, King Amphoe Hat Samran [0 7521 2947 Trang Office, 0 1956 3556, 0 1712 0000] : 350 baht
  • Thumrin : 99 Sathani Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 1011-9 Fax: 0 7521 8057] : 600-2,700 baht
  • Thumrin Thana : 69/8 Huai Yot Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7522 3223-32, 0 7521 1211-20 Fax: 0 7522 3288] : 1,200-1,400 baht
  • Trang : 134/2-5 Wiset Kun Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 8944, 0 7521 8157, 0 7521 8296 Fax: 0 7521 8451] : 470-1,500 baht
  • Trang Plaza : 132 Phatthalung Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7522 6902-10 Fax: 0 7522 6901] : 980-4,700 baht
  • Watthana : 127/3/4 Rama 6 Road, Amphoe Muang [0 7521 8184, 0 7521 8288 Fax: 0 7521 9045] : 180-400 baht
  • Wiman Hotel : Mu 1 Tha Bandai Road, Amphoe Yan Ta Khao [0 7528 1434] : 120-200 baht

- Amphoe Muang

  • Ban Suwimon : 113/3 Wian Kraphang Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7521-8653 (Thai food; open 10.00-22.00 hrs.)
  • Kaeng Som : Huai Yot Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7521- 9383 (southern food; open 11.00-14.00 and 16.00-21.00 hrs.)
  • Kanok Restaurant : Wiset Kun Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7521-1008-9 (Chinese food; open 09.00-22.00 hrs.)
  • Khao Chong Coffee : Phatthalung Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0- 7521-8759 (open 06.00-21.00 hrs.)
  • Khao Tom Phui : Rama 6 Road Tel: 0-7521-0127
  • Ko Lan : Huai Yot Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7522 -2925 (Trang roast pork ; open 05.00-14.00 hrs.)
  • Ko Yao : Wiset Kun Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7521-9733 (local food)
  • Mae Chamnian : 298 Kantang Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0- 7521-2664 (Thai food; open 08.30-14.00 hrs.)
  • Nam Mui : Rama 6 Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7521- 8504 (local food; open 10.00-22.00 hrs.)
  • Ngao Mai Chai Khao : Tha Klang Road Tel: 0-7521-6326 (Thai food)
  • Ruan Phae Riverside : Trang-Sikao Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0- 7523-0387 (seafood; open 10.30-22.00 hrs.)
  • Thammanun : Wian Kraphang Road, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0-7521-9334, 0-7521-0490 (Thai food; open 10.00-22.00 hrs.)
  • Trok Pla Seafood : Rama 6 Road, Soi 2, Amphoe Muang, Tel: 0- 7521-0025 (seafood)
  • Wang Mangkon Fishing Park : 50/9 Wian Kraphang Rd., Amphoe Muang Tel: 0-7521-2006 (open 10.00-22.00hrs.)

- Amphoe Sikao

  • Le Trang :: Tambon Pak Meng, Amphoe Sikao, Tel: 0-1904-8185 (seafood; open 10.00-22.00 hrs.)

- Amphoe Kan Tang

  • Had Yao Seafood : Amphoe Kantang Tel: 0-7521-9270 (seafood; open 10.00-22.00 hrs.)
  • Rim Nam Restaurant : Amphoe Kantang, Tel: 0-7525-1327
  • Khrua Bang Rak : Kantang Road Tel: 0-7521-1923 (Thai food ; open 11.00-21.30 hrs.)

How to get there

* By car
a) Highway No. 4 (Bangkok-Chumphon) to Highway No. 41 (Surat Thani-Thung Song- Huai Yot-Trang), total distance of 828 kilometres.
b) Highway No. 4 (Bangkok-Chumphon) to Ranong-Phannga-Krabi-Trang, total distance of 1,020 kilometres.
c) Highway No. 404-416 (Satun-Palian-Trang), total distance of 140 kilometres.
d) Highway No. 4-407 (Hat Yai-Phatthalung-Trang), total distance of 148 kilometres.
e) Highway No. 4-402 (Phuket-Phang-nga-Krabi-Trang), total distance of 312 kilometres.

* By bus
Air-conditioned buses, varying in 3 types, depart from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Trang every day at the following times:
VIP Bus : 7 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Standard 1 Bus : 7 a.m., 7 p.m., 7.50 p.m. and 8 p.m.
Standard 2 Bus : 5 p.m.
It takes 12 hours for the trip. For more information, please call 0 2435 1199-200 or the Transport Co. in Trang at tel. 0 7521 8718.
Trang offers mortorised tricycles, or Tuk Tuks, for travel within the municipality at 10 baht per trip. Travel between the districts can be by buses and mini-buses or by renting vans from tour companies in the city.

* By train
Rapid and express trains depart from the Bangkok Railway Station to Trang daily at 5.05 p.m. and 6.20 p.m. respectively, taking 15 hours for the 870-kilometre journey. More information can be obtained from Bangkok Railway Station at tel. 1690, 0 2223 7010 and 0 2223 7020 or calling Trang station at tel. 0 7521 8012.

- By plane
Thai Airways has daily direct flights connecting Bangkok with Trang with a travel time of 1.10 hours. For more information, call 0 2280 0060, 0 2628 2000 (Bangkok office), 0 7521 9923 or 0 7521 8066 (Trang office), or view their website at