Chumphon is a sea coast city parallel to the Gulf of Thailand. It is the gateway to other southern provinces. Along more than 200 kilometres of Chumphon's seashore, there are many beautiful and picturesque beaches. Still maintaining the natural beauty, the province is best for those who seek relaxation in the natural and uniquely quiet atmosphere.

From historical documents, Chumphon was continuously the location of many communities since the pre-historic period, especially in the area near the Tha Taphao River banks. Chumphon was also one of the leading trading centers of Siam (former name of Thailand).

Due to being the frontier city, the name "Chumphon" is believed to derive from "Chumnumphon", which means the accumulation of forces. Whenever there were any movements of the army, the soldiers would gather their forces here at this province.

Other sources believed that it could have derived from a local plant named "Maduea Chumphon" due to its richness in this area. Therefore, naturally, this plant has become a symbol of the logo of Chumphon Province.


Popular charming mainland beaches include Hat (beach) Pharadonphap, Hat Pha Daeng (Red Cliff Beach), Hat Arunothai. Hat Arunothai is suitable for camping with hiking trails and rock-climbing nearby. Other peaceful bays with beautiful beaches include Ao Thung Makham (Tamarind Field Bay), and Ao Tung Wua Lan. Another one is Hat Sai Ri (Arc Sandy Beach), famous site of the shrine dedicated to H.R.H. Prince Chumphon, the founding Father of the Royal Thai Navy, in the form of an ancient British motor torpedo gunship.

Slightly 30 minutes boatride from the mainland are the picturesque islands of the Mu Koh Chumphon National Marine Park consisting of Koh Samet, Koh Mattra, and Koh Thong Lang. Koh Rat is ideal for camping, fishing, and scuba diving. Rocky beaches and coral beds infused with sea fans surround Koh Chorake (Crocodile Island), making it perfect for scuba diving. Cliff-dwelling sea swallows inhabit and build their nests on the islands of Maphrao (Coconut), Rang Nok Island or Lanka Chiu Islands. Their nests are prized delicacies of local gourmets and the Chinese population in Thailand. Collecting it can be a very dangerous task, reserved only for the truly skilled workers. Because of the danger of unauthorised poaching, visitors must seek permission to visit the islands from the company possessing the nest-collecting concession.

Wat Thep Charoen, or better known as Wat Tham Rub Raw (Temple of Rub Raw Cave), contains a total of 8 main caves situated on a hillside. Mystical myths passed down through each generation is that 2 of the caves, Tham A-thay (Beginning of the Caves) and another cave further in, contains hidden treasures. The caves houses an ancient, sacred Buddhist image, the city's guardian, believed to date back to 548 B.E., and beautiful stalactites.

Khao Chedi Ayuthaya style chedi (pagoda) which is on the top of the hill. Respected Pra Burapa Banphot is next to the chedi. Admire the beautiful views around Pa Thiew District and the district center, Khao Plu, Khao Maew as well as the wonderful coast of Pa Thiew.

City Attractions

Chumphon National Museum is l ocated in the Chumphon Governmental Center on Phetkasem Road at the 484-km marker before approaching Pathomphon Junction. The museum displays historical and important ancient materials of Chumphon. The displays are divided into the following parts: History of Chumphon; Chumphon during World War II; Chumphon and the Typhoon; Nature and Outstanding Heritage of Chumphon by means of pictures and movies. The museum is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, except official holidays; from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission fee for foreigners is 30 Baht per person. For more details, call 0-7750-4105, 0-7750-4246.

Hat Sai Ri. This scenic and popular beach is about 20 kilometres from Chumphon by Highway No. 4119 and Highway No. 4098. There are bus services from town to the beach. It is a large, curved beach that is a favorite among the Chumphon people for relaxation. There are some accommodations and restaurants available along the beach.

Prince Chumphon's Monument The venue is located at the foot of the hill in Hat Sai Ri area. Prince Chumphon was one of the King Rama V's sons. Being the founder of the modern Navy of Thailand, the Prince was proclaimed "the Father of Thai Navy". He was highly respected by the navy, fishermen, and other people. His picture has been established in most of the houses in Chumphon.

The Monument consists of Prince Chumphon's Shrine for visitors to pay respect. Chumphon Warship is a big, old torpedo warship, measuring 68 x 6.55 metres. This warship was placed out of commision in 1975 and was moved to Hat Sai Ri in 1979.

Herbal Garden is at the foot of the hill along the seacoast. This project was initiated by the Ministry of Public Health to conserve the valued herbs, in order to continue the concept of Prince Chumphon, who was also interested in using traditional medicines to cure people.

Khao Chao Muang This mountain is next to Hat Sai Ri along the coast for 2.5 kilometres. On top of this mountain, there is a pavilion for enjoying the scenery. And around one kilometre further from this area is an open area where a panoramic view of the various islands and the sea can be seen.

Khao Pang Forest Park Situated at the border of Amphoe Muang and Tha Sae, this park is 12 kilometres from Chumphon along Highway No. 4 (Chumphon - Tha Sae route). There are many kinds of plants in the park. At the front, are the park's gate and Prince Chumphon's Shrine. At the top of the mountain is a cut-edge cliff that is suitable for launching hangliders and as a viewpoint for Chumphon town.

Ao Thung Makham This scenic bay area consists of Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays, and can be reached by using Highway Nos. 4119 and 4098, for 27 km. and 31 km. to Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays, respectively. They are half-circle beaches, adjacent to each other, separated by a line of rocks. With long lines of coconut trees and quiet surroundings, these beaches have very fine sand. By the south end, Wat Suwan Khuha Khiri Wong or Wat Pong Pang is located under the shade of the coconut trees. At the back of the Wat facing the sea, is a long cliff of more than 80 metres.

Hat Pharadonphap This beach is 12 kilometres from Chumphon by Highway Nos. 4119 and 4098. This is a large beach, parallel to the road, which is shaded by coconut trees.

Hat Pha Daeng Being 14 kilometres from town by the same route to Hat Sai Ri, or 2 kilometres from Hat Pharadon- Phap, this beach has a10-metre red cliff which has been eroded by wind and rain and has been transformed into the shape of a curved bridge. It is also one of the best sites to view the sea and is suitable for relaxation.

Moo Ko Chumphon National Park Having been announced in 1989, this National Park covers a total area of beaches and islands of 198,125 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai).

The Park's Office is 21 kilometres from town. Using Highway No. 4001, turn right to Hat Sai Ri, then turn right again for 8 kilometres. The Tourist Information Center is connected with a wooden-bridge walkways to facilitate the nature study of plants and animals. Visitors can travel by boat or can stay overnight in their tents near the office.

The beautiful beaches in the Park's area are Thung Makaham Beach, Hat Sai Ri Amphoe Muang, Arunothai Beach in Amphoe Thung Tako, Tong Khrok Beach in Amphoe Lang Suan, and more than 40 islands in the Chumphon Sea such as Chorakhe, Ngam, Samet, Maphrao, Mattra, Thong Lang, Langka Chio Islands, including islands in Amphoe Sawi, Thung Tako. On some islands, there are diving sites, fine white sandy beaches and corals; such as Chorakhe Island in the northern part of the park. Ngam and Lanka Chio Islands have many sea sparrow's nests. Around Ngam Island, there are perfect coral reefs which are interesting sites for diving. Thong Lang Island has a white and beautiful beach. Tourists can hire boats to travel along these islands at the appropriate price. For more information, contact tel: 0-7755- 8144.

Ko Tao Even though it is a small island far off in the sea, it is well known for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Although this island is in Surat Thani, it is more accessible by speed boat or regular boat from Chumphon.

Travelling to Ko Tao:Tourists can use the following boat service as follows:

Tha Yang Pier Tourists can hire a pick-up car from Chumphon to Tha Yang Pier which is about 7 kilometres away. The boat leaves from Ban Mae Hat to Ko Tao every night at midnight and arrives at Ko Tao at 6 a.m. of the next day. On the return trip, the boat leaves from Ko Tao at 10 a.m. and arrives at Tha Yang at 3 p.m. The round-trip fare is 200 baht. For more details, contact Tel: 0 -7755-3052 - 4.

Songserm Rungrueang Co., Ltd. The boat leaves from the pier at 7 a.m. and arrives at Ko Tao at 10 a.m. On the return trip, the boat leaves from Ko Tao at 3 p.m. and arrives at Chumphon at 5.30 p.m. The round-trip fare is 400 baht. For more details, contact Tel: 0-7750-3735.

Ekkawin Tour The boat leaves from Tha Yang pier at 7.30 a.m. and arrive at Ko Tao at 9.30 a.m. On the return trip, the boat leaves from Ko Tao at 10.30 a.m. and arrives at Chumphon at 12.30 p.m. The round-trip fare is 400 baht. For more details, contact Tel: 0-7750-1821, 0-7758-0273 - 4. There is also a boat service leaving from Ekkawin Pier or Lom Lak Pier at 7 a.m. arriving at Ko Tao at 9.30 a.m.. On the return trip, the boat leaves from Ko Tao at 10 a.m. and arrives at Ekkawin Pier at 3 p.m. The round-trip fare is 400 baht.

Military Youth Monument Being 5 kilometres from Chumphon on the left-hand side of Highway No. 4119 (Chumphon - Paknam route), this monument was built to commemorate the bravery of Chumphon's heroes during the fighting against the 1941 Japanese troop invasion in World War II.

Wat Pradoem This temple is an archeological site in old Chumphon, at Tambon Tak Daet. It is on the left-hand side of Highway No. 41 (Chumphon - Surat Thani), after passing Tambon Wang Phai and across Saeng Daet Canal. Some archeological objects were found, such as a sand-stone Buddha image from the Srivijaya Period, and a Chedi containing Lord Buddha's bones. The decoration of the gate, walls and other buildings, portrays the local architectural designs at this temple.

Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi Located on Chumphon - Ao Thung Wua Laen route, tourists can reach this temple by turning left for 6 kilometres, before reaching the Chumphon Irrigation Office. This old wat is worshipped among the Chumphon people through the strong faith in Luang Pu Song, a most revered monk whose body is believed to have not decayed after his death. A big Sala tree inside the wat sprouts orange flowers and strange looking shape stems. The tree is significant because Lord Buddha was born under a Sala tree.

Monthip Fish Park From Chumphon, use Highway No. 4, turn right to Ban Khun Krating, then turn left to Wat Tham Sing, then right for 1 kilometre. This private park is decorated with flowers and rocks. There is a large pond at the front, with carp and a variety of beautiful fish. This park is open to the public, contact Tel: 0-7755-5100.

Also, there are tourist attractions nearby such as Kaeo Kho Ram, with stalactites and stalagmites, on the same route to Wat Tham Sing. Dae Cave and Chang Phueak, and located 100 metres down the road.

Lang Suan

Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park Located at Moo 7, this venue is 65 kilometres from Chumphon and is reached by turning right at the Lang Suan crossroads, and continuing for another three kilometres. This garden is beautifully decorated with flowers and the statue of the Princess's Mother is the highlight of this garden. Not far is Tham Khao Ngoen, in which is the inscription of King Rama V's initials. Another inscription on the wall is No.108, when, during the Ratanakosin Era, he visited the Malaya Peninsula in 1889. Also, there is a Chedi in front of the cave.

Ko Phitak Situated in Tambon Bang Nam Chuet, this small island has beautiful rocks and is surrounded by fishermen's villages. There is a small beach to the east, which can be reached by fishing boat from Paknam Tako.

Tham Khao Kriap This is one of the most beautiful caves in the south. It is 85 kilometres from Chumphon along Highway No. 4 (Chumphon-Lang Suan), and turn right for another two kilometres. There is a Buddhist temple at the foot of the Khao Kriap hill. Inside the cave, there is also a Buddha image besides the stalactites and stalagmites.

Thung Tako

Hat Arunothai From Highway No. 4, turn left to Highway No. 4096 for 6 kilometres. This beach is situated 60 kilometres from Chumphon. Visitors can observe the lifestyle of the local fishermen on this quiet beach. Near the beach, there is the Prince Chumphon's Shrine. Nearby is Paknam Thung Tako- the site where fishermen of Thung Tako depart for their voyage to the sea. The view of these fishermen's daily routine is very colourful and impressive.

Khlong Phrao National Park Being the origin of rivers and canals in Chumphon, this Park covers the area in Amphoe Thung Tako, and Amphoe Muang. Use Highway No. 41 to Lang Suan Crossroad, turn right for 15 kilometres. In the rainy season, the best vehicle to use is 4-wheel drive. There are many natural attractions such as Namtok Thap Chang, a 2-level, mid-sized waterfall which is the most beautiful in the Park. The park's area is suitable for overnighting, bird watching, and trekking for nature study. For further details, please contact the Natural Resource Conservation Bureau, Forestry Department, at Tel: 0-2579-7223.


Hat Sai Ri Sawi This beautiful beach is located in Tambon Tha Hin. To visit the beach, use Highway No. 41 (Chumphon-Sawi route), turn left to Sawi - Bo Kha route for 12 kilometres. This large beach is parallel to the coconut line, and is very suitable for relaxation. It is the venue where the very impressive lifestyle of the fishermen can be seen.

Chumphon Horicultural Research Center It is the training center for the cultivation of the MAWA coconut plant that was bred from the African and Malaysian species. The Center occupies an area of 1,700 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai). The office and residence are at the front, while at the back is the planting area for pepper, coffee, cocoa and coconuts.

Wat Phrathat Tham Khwan Muang This temple is at Moo 4, Tambon Napho, two kilometres from from Sawi and 48 kilometres from Chumphon, on Chumphon-Lang Suan route. At the 37-km marker, turn right for 500 metres. The temple's shady area is surrounded by many plants. The highlight attraction is the Chedi on the top of the hill which contains the Lord Buddha's relics. At its base is a large area which is ideal for viewing the panoramic surroundings.

Wat Phrathat Sawi The temple is located on the bank of Sawi River. The Chedi of this temple contains the relics of the Lord Buddha. The legend of this Chedi goes back to the Ayutthaya period. The Phra Suea Muang Shrine is situated in front of the Chedi, near the bank of the river.

Tham Thip Prida This cave is at Moo 2, Tambon Khao Khai. Tourists can use Khao Pip - Khao Thalu route for 16 kilometres, turn left for 4 kilometres to Hua Kaeo junction, and turn left for another 6 kilometres. The total distance from Chumphon is about 70 kilometres. There are about 40 beautiful caves with ponds inside. Also, the surrounding area is composed of various mountains with beautiful caves.

Tha Sae

Namtok Kapo Forest Park Located in Tambon Salui, this waterfall is 13 kilometres from Tha Sae, along Phetkasem Road, between the 466-468-km markers, or from Pathom Porn Crossroad, via Petkasem Road for about 30 kilometres. The park has an area of 7,010 Rai of shaded forests and small waterfalls, suitable for relaxation.

Phota Hin Chang Shrine This shrine is located at Moo 2, Tambon Salui, at the foot of the hill, along the 453-454-km markers of Phetkasem Road. Featured at the shrine is an elephant-shaped rock that is highly worshipped by the Chumphon people. To emphasize this belief, passengers will always blow their horns to pay respect to this site. Also in the vicinity are stalls selling fruits and souvenirs.

Wat Thep Charoen Situated in Tambon Tha Kham, this temple is 4 kilometres from Phetkasem Road (Highway No. 4) at the 490-km marker. The temple is located at the foot of Rap Ro Hill that used to be a port area in ancient times. There are many interesting attractions around this temple. Many Buddha images are located in Tham Phra. The meditation area at Tham Ai Te has a reclining Buddha fresco painting on the wall. Tham Sai has beautiful stalactites and stalacmites. Moreover, the temple houses the Buddha's footprint and the undecayed body of Luang Pu Sai, a revered monk. Nearby is a local museum with collections of ancient materials found on the temple's site. Another highlight is the leather carving of the shadow puppets, used in the show performed by the local artisans.


Hat Thung Wua Laen The beautiful and well-known beach of Pathio, is most popular among Thai and foreign tourists. Being situated in Tambon Saphli, it is 16 kilometres from Chumphon along Chumphon-Hat Thung Wua Laen route. The beach has white, fine sand, with a small slope, and is suitable for swimming. Also, it is one of the most famous snorkeling spots in Chumphon, offering spectacular views of seaweed, sponge, and sea flowers.

Hat Tham Thong - Bang Boet From town, use Phetkasem Road, turn right at the 426-km marker for 21 kilometres The beautiful beach in Tambon Pak Khlong is more than 5 kilometres long. The highlights of the area consist of different-shaped limestones and seaside villages that lie parallel to the pine tree lined road. It is very suitable for casual drive or biking. The beach extends out to Bang Boet in Prachuap Khiri Khan, which is presently the area of H.M. the King's project.

Tham Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area Located 3 kilometres away from Pathio along Highway No. 3253, the area is covered with beautifully shaped limestone mountain ranges that are parallel to the road. This is the habitat of 3 flocks of southern langurs that often venture down searching for food in the evenings.

Ao Bo Mao From Thung Yo Waterfall, there is a route to Ao Bo Mao, which is a large bay with long beach. The line of pine trees is close to the sea and exudes a quiet atmosphere. Visitors can hire a boat from Ao Bo Mao to a small island called Ko Khai, which is 4 kilometres from the beach. Most of the area is mountainous. To the west of this island is a beautiful beach. Many kinds of coral are found in the north. Around the island is the favorite venue for fishing.

Ao Yai Ai This bay has the most suitable area for viewing the panoramic atmosphere of the surroundings at almost 25 metres above sea level. Within this bay area are many coral reefs that are nearly 7 kilometres long. Tourists can go diving or snorkeling to view these beautiful corals.

Nong Yai This is a royal project initiated by King Rama IX to solve the flooding problem in Chumphon. Located on the Chumphon-Ao Thung Wua Laen route, turn right at the Chumphon Irrigation Office along Khlong Hua Wang-Phanangtak route. Consisting of an area of 3,000 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai), Nong Yai has a large reservoir and irrigation canals. There are many trees around the reservoir which boasts a quiet atmosphere. Inhabited by many birds, the area is suitable for studying the birds' lifestyle and the wet area ecology.

Khao Dinso As it is the highest mountain in Amphoe Pathio, it is 20 kilometres from Pathio by Highway No. 3253 (Pathio-Chumphon route). It is most suitable for nature adventurers and requires about two hours to trek to the top of the mountain. At the top of the 400 metres above sea level summit is a large area. From here, it's easy to view the sea, Hat Thung Wua Laen (in the east), the railroad to Prachuap Khiri Khan, and the fruit orchards (in the west). Any interested visitors who love trekking can contact Mr. Apirak Saksanit at Tel: 0-1476-7760.


Namtok Heo Lom This waterfall is located at Ban Bok Fai, Tambon Pak Song, in Kuan Mae Yai Mon Wildlife Sanctuary. From Amphoe Muang, use Highway No. 4 to Lang Suan Junction, turn right to Highway No. 4006 (Lang Suan-Ratchakrut route), pass Phato to the 11-km marker and, turn left for another 8 kilometres. The most suitable vehicle to be used is 4-wheel drive. From Heo Lome Forest Guard Unit, there is a trek for 500 metres, past the origins of the Phato Canal, and fertile evergreen forest. The waterfall is more than 80 metres high, surrounded by various kinds of trees. It is a venue for relaxation, trekking for natural study, and is a bird sanctuary.

Phato Canal Rafting Forests in Phato are the origin of many canals which are lined with evergreen forests, and fruit orchards. Owing to the various rapids in this area, adventurous activities have been then organized in Phato canal all year round. Through these types of activities, visitors are able to witness some interesting animals such as: langurs and hornbills. In additon, visits can be made to fruit orchards growing durians, coffee, and mangosteens. For those interested in trekking, visitors can have the choice of camping, or elephant riding. The Festival of Phato Canal rafting is best during February and April.


Traveling along Islands in Chumphon Sea
About 40 islands in Chumphon are scattered along the sea coast. Most of them are small islands, with clean, fine beaches. Some are prohibited to visitors due to the monopoly of the collection of the sparrow's nests business. For those who love cruising among the islands and relaxing on the beach, the following are interesting islands worth visiting:

Ko Samet With some areas part of the National Park, this island has white beaches and clear water. It takes only half an hour to get to this island.

Ko Thong Lang Situated in front of Ko Langkachio, this island is surrounded by beaches. Tenting on the island is recommended. However, there are no restaurants in the area.

Ko Maphrao This is a small island with a 50-metre long, beautiful beach, including the coral reef in the west. Visitors who wish to visit this island should obtain permission from the Provincial Office 15 days in advance, because of the monopoly of the collection of the sparrow's nests business on the island. Corals can be viewed by both snorkeling and diving.

Coral Snorkeling Since islands can be reached by boat, those suitable for snorkelling are near Hat Pharadon Phap, and tourists should hire boats from this area. For further details, contact Chumphon Islands National Park at Tel: 0-7755-8144.

The islands are as follows:
Ko Mattra This is a big island which is only 45 minutes away. In front of the beach are many rocks. Visitors can spend their time snorkelling to see the corals around the island. On the island, there are facilities such as accommodations, restaurants, and fresh-water bathing services. This island is in the area of the Chumphon Islands National Park.

Ko Thalu is a small, limestone island with two big caves and several points for viewing marine corals and sea flowers.

Ko Khai Situated in Amphoe Pathio, this is a small island with narrow beaches. There is a boat rental service to view the corals.

Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Ngam Noi Being to the south of Ao Thung Wua Laen, 17 kilometres from the shore, there are coral reefs, rocks, and underwater caves. These venues are considered to be one of the best diving spots. For further information, please contact Chumphon Cabana Resort at Tel: 0-7756-0245-7 or 0 -2472-1825.


Lang Suan Fruit Fair Annually held in August, the activities of this event are fruit contests, fruit markets, preserved-fruit products, and a competition for queen of the fruit contest.

Lang Suan Festival of Buddha Floating Procession, Boat Competition This event has been the old tradition in Lang Suan for more than 100 years. Normally held in October of every year, the highlights of this festival are decorated Buddha Floating Processions from many temples. In the afternoon, the long boat competition is held.

Festival of Prince Chumphon Celebration Held during December 19 - 25 of every year to celebrate the Prince of Chumphon, the founder of the Navy of Thailand, the festival features exhibitions of the life of Prince Chumphon and southern local performances.

Festival of Chumphon Sea World This festival is held in mid- March to April every year at Hat Sai Ri. The objective of this festival is for tourism promotion and nature conservation of Chumphon. The activities consist of fishing competitions, a photography contest of tourist attractions, tourist attraction exhibition, and mini-marathon competition.

Hotels and accommodation

  • 99 Bay Resort : 9 Mu 4 Tambon Paknam Amphoe Lang Suan [0 7755 1133] : 400-850 baht
  • Chansom Chumphon : 188/138 Sala Daeng Road Amphoe Muang [0 7750 2502] : 495-1,568 baht
  • Chuan Fan : 54/3-6 Hat Thung Wua Laen Tambon Saphli Amphoe Muang [0 7756 0230] : 450-500 baht
  • Chumphon : 176/1-2 Sala Daeng Road,Tambon Tha Taphao Amphoe Muang [0 7751 1776] : 60 baht
  • Chumphon Cabana resort : 68 Mu 8 Hat Thung Wua Laen, Tambon Saphli Amphoe Pathiu [0 7756 0245-7 fax. 0 7756 0247] : 600-3,500 baht
  • Chumphon Grand Palace : 219 Mu 1 Chumphon -Ranong Road Amphoe Muang [0 7757 4800-12] : 440-5,000 baht
  • Chumphon Palace : 328/15 Pracha Uthit Road, Tambon Tha Taphao Amphoe Muang [0 7757 1715-22] : 560 baht
  • Chumphon Sunny Beach Resort : 393 Mu1, Hat Arunothai, Paknam Tako Amphoe Thung Tako [0 7757 9148] : 600-700 baht
  • Clean Wave Resort : 54 Mu 8 Hat Thung Wua Laen Amphoe Pathiu [0 7756 0151-2] : 300-700 baht
  • Kao Saen Resort : 57 Mu 1 Tambon Bang Nam Chuet Amphoe Lang Suan [0 7755 1119] : 200-400 baht
  • Khehat : 28/2 Mu 8 Hat Thung Wua Laen Amphoe Pathiu [0 7756 0073] : 600 baht
  • Krua Rimlay Resort : 3/1 Mu 8 Hat Thung Wua Laen Tambon Saphli bangalow Amphoe Pathiu [0 7756 0119] : 600-900 baht
  • Manohra Guesthouse : 75 Liap Thang Rotfai Amphoe Muang [0 7750 4223] : 100-300 baht
  • Mix Hotel : 108/4-5 Chumphon-Paknam Road Amphoe Muang [0 7750 2931-3] : 350-900 baht
  • Morakot Chumphon : 102 Tawi Sinkha Road, Tambon Tha Taphao Amphoe Muang [0 7750 3628-30] : 280-380 baht
  • Paradon Inn : 180/12 Soi Paradon, Sala Daeng Road Amphoe Muang [0 7751 1500] : 300-618 baht
  • Rim Nam : 309/1 Mu 5 Phetkasem Road, Amphoe Sawi [0 7753 1297] : 300-450 baht
  • Rung Arun Resort : Hat Arunothai Amphoe Thung Tako [0 7757 9161] : 500-800 baht
  • Sai Ree Lodge : 100 Mu 4 Tambon Hat Sai Ri Amphoe Muang [0 7755 8012] : 600-1,550 baht
  • Sri Chumphon : 127/22-24 Sala Daeng Road Amphoe Muang [0 7751 1280] : 200-230 baht
  • Sri Tai Fa :: 73-75 Sala Daeng Road Amphoe Muang [0 7751 1063, 0 7750 1690] :: :: 140-320 baht
  • Suriwong Chumphon : 125/30 Sala Daeng Road Amphoe Muang [0 7751 1203, 0 7751 1397] : 190-360 baht
  • Tawan Chai Resort : Hat Thung Wua Laen Amphoe Pathiu [0 1229 5530] : 500-800 baht
  • Tawat : 135 Khao Ngoen Road, Amphoe Lang Suan [0 7754 1341, 0 7754 1565] : 230-450 baht
  • Tha Taphao Chumphon : 66/1 Tha Taphao Road Amphoe Muang [0 7751 1479, 0 7751 1953, 0 7751 1748] : 250-600 baht
  • Tha Yang : 212 Mu 10 Tambon Tha Yang Amphoe Muang [0 7755 3052-4]


- Amphoe Muang

  • Chansom Café : in Chansom Chumphon Hotel Tel. 0-7750- 2502 (Thai, Chinese and Europian food)
  • Chua Kui Kee : 59-61 Sala Daeng Road Tel. 0-7751-1033 (Thai-Chinese food)
  • Kanda : Poraminmankha Road Tel. 0-7751-1707 (Thai and Europian food)
  • Munlika : 108/8 Chumphon-Paknam Road, Mix Hotel Tel. 0-7750-2291 (Thai food): 300-350 baht
  • Papa Café : 188/181 Sala Daeng Road Tel. 0-7751-1972 (Thai food and seafood)
  • Pueanjai : behind Chumphon railway station Tel. 0-7750- 1480 (Thai and Europian food)
  • Rin : Krom Luang Chumphon Road Tel. 0-7751 -1531, 0-7750-1955 (Thai-Chinese food)Tang Sun Kee : 2/4 Tha Taphao Road Tel. 0-7751-1120, 0 -7750-2420 (Thai-Chinese food)

- Amphoe Patiew

  • Rabiang Talay : Chumphon Cabana Resort Hotel Tel. 0-7756- 0245-7 (Thai, Chinese food and seafood)

- Amphoe Lang Suan

  • Lab Pet Mueang Non : Phetkasem Road Tel. 0-1272-3624 (Thai and Isan food)
  • Tum Tam 1 Seafood : Paknam-Lang Suan Road
  • Ao Thai Seafood : Paknam-Lang Suan Road
  • Sun Sai Seafood : Paknam-Lang Suan Road

How to get there

* By car
From Bangkok, use Highway No. 4, or Highway No. 35 (Thon Buri-Pak Tho) and join Highway No.4, past Petchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, to Chumphon junction, then turn left along Highway No. 4001 for 8 kilometres to the town.

* By bus
Buses regularly depart from the Southern Bus Terminal to Chumphon on a daily basis. For more details, contact the Southern Bus Terminal at Tel: 0 2434 5557 - 8, 0 2435 1199. For the round-trip, buses leave from Chumphon Bus Terminal at Tel: 0 7750 2725, 0 7751 1094.
For air-conditioned buses, contact :
Chok-anan Tour: in Bangkok at Tel: 0 2435-5027 - 9, 0 2435 7429 or in Chumphon at Tel: 0 7751 1480, 0 7751 1757.
Suwannathi Tour: in Bangkok at Tel: 0 2435 5026, or in Chumphon at Tel: 0 7751 1422.
Within Chumphon province, buses servicing the Chumphon-Sawi-Lang Suan route leave the terminal in front of Chumphon Market, Thanon Tha Taphao from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.
The taxi queue is behind the old market, opposite Chumphon Bus Terminal. Taxis can be hired to Lang Suan, Ranong and Surat Thani.

* By train
From Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong)
There are both rapid and express trains to Chumphon everyday. For more details, contact 1690, 0 2 223 7010, 0 2223 7020 at Hua Lamphong or at Chumphon Station Tel: 0 7751 1103.
From Thon Buri Railway Station (Bangkok Noi)
There are fast trains to Chumphon everyday. For more details, contact at Tel: 0 2411 3102.

* By plane
Air Andaman provides flight services from Bangkok to Chumphon 4 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. For more information, contact their Bangkok office at tel. 0-2996-9119 or view their website at