Sekong Province

Sekong Province

Located: Sekong is situated in the southern of Laos. Bordering provinces with Vietnam to the east, Champasack Province to the west, Salavanh Province to the north and Attapeu Province to the south.
Total area: 7,665 square kilometers.
Population: 65,000.
04 Districts: Lanarm, Kaleum, Dakcheung and Thateng.

Capital: Lanarm.
History: In 1962-1975 this province named eastern province. The location of province was at Bantok village of Lamam district.

In 1976 it was combined together with Salavanh until 1984 and it has been divided from Salavanh province again to be a Sekong province till now.

Sekong, the best known for the Bolaven Plateau is situated in the heart of the southeastern part of Laos ; has common borders with Salavanh to the west, Champasack and Attapeu to the south and Vietnam to the east. The province has a total population of around 64,200. Sekong province is rugged, wild and very scenic, but transportation is very difficult, especially by land in the rainy season. Dotted through out are villages and small towns; such as Lave, Lanam, Kaleum, Dakchung and Thateng, where the majority of people follow and the unchanging lifestyle of traditional farming. Overall, the Sekong river valley is characterized by a landscape of a fertile plain patterned with a patchwork of rice paddies and fruits orchard. It's also a complex geographical conditions form colorful Eco-Tourism resources because it's famous by rich of untouchable tropical forest, home to many rare species of flora and fauna.

How do I get there?
* By bus
Southern bus station: To Vientiane (12 hours).

Please be aware that transportation schedules and prices are subject to change, so we suggest you check the above information at transportation terminals or through a travel agent prior to your trip.

Transport within Sekong : Tuk-tuks, trishaws (lot-sam-lor) and jumbos (small tuk-tuks) are available all over town and are an easy way to get around.

Accommodation in Sekong
In Luang Prabang town there are 1 hotels, and over 10 guesthouses. With prices from $3 to $15 per night, there ae choices to suit the needs of everyone, from the budget traveller to those who wish to enjoy their holiday in style.

Whether it's a traditional Lao meal in a restored Lao town house or just a cold Beer Lao, dining in Sekong can be an experience in itself. There are restaurants serving a wide variety of eastern and western cuisine including Vietnamese, Swiss and French and of course, most places serve Lao food.