Attapeu Province

Located: Southern of Laos.
Total area: 10,320 square kilometers.
Population: 110,000.
05 Districts: Samakkhixay, Xaysettha, Sanamxay, Sanxay and Phouvong.
Capital: Samakkhixay.

Attapeu is the province located in the most southeastern tip of Laos. It is also the best know for the Bolaven Plateau, sharing borders with Sekong in the North, Champasack in the West, Viet Nam in the East and Cambodia in the South. The Bolaven Plateau is located in the Champasack Province and easily accessed from Pakse. Attapeu is where one can find many minority peoples. Nine major tribes are in Attapu: Alak, Katang, Kaleum, Katou, Suay, Nge, Lave, Tahoy, Nyajeung. The capital town, samakkhixay is built in a large picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and the loop upstream. Attapeu Province is rugged, wild and very scenic. Transportation is very difficult, especially by land in the rainy season. Parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail can be explored from Attapeu, although using a local guide is essential. In the early morning you can visit the traditional market, where many different minorities go to buy and sell their products.
Nong Fa Lake

Located a 3-day walk from Sanxay District in the northeast of Attapeu. Situated amid serene natural beauty and fenced by peaks of mountains. This virgin lake has all year round sky blue Xepaine Forest is 61 kilometers from Samakkhixay District. 23 meters height and 120 meters width. - Tad Samongphak Waterfall runs from Houay Samong to Xepiane River, 10 meters height and 30 meters width.

- Tad Phok Waterfall is 25 kilometers from Samakkhixay District.

- Tad Phaphong Waterfall, running form Xexou River, full of the colorful rocks.

- Nonglom Lake, 3 kilometers form Samakkhixay District. It's the best place for picnic.

- Old Pagoda and Xaysetha Stupa in Xaysetha District. it was constructed in 1579.

- Wat Sakae Temple, Sacred Buddha image, respects in the Lao's New Year.

- 11 DPM 912 and Hochiminh Road, in Sanxay District.

- Kavanghin Place, it's the official place of cheuang at 56 kilometers from Phouvong District.
Tourist Sites in Attapeu Province