Luang Nam Tha Province

Luang nam Tha provinceBlessed with a mountainous tapestry, a vast protected area, and diverse ethnic villages, Luang Nam Tha is synonymous with culture, adventure and trekking for most travellers. Although much of the province is untamed wilderness, the infrastructure to explore it is some of the best in Laos. Guided explorations into the magnificent Nam Ha National Protected Area, a 2224-sq-km area containing some of the most densely forested regions (96% primary forest cover) in Laos, can be complimented with independent travel to small villages surrounding Muang Sing, Luang Nam Tha and Vieng Phoukha.

The provincial population is 145, 000, made up of 39 classified ethnicities (the largest number in the nation), including Hmong, Akha, Mien, Samtao, Thai Daeng, Thai Lü, Thai Neua, Thai Khao, Thai Kalom, Khamu, Lamet, Lao Loum, Shan and Yunnanese. As in Udomxai Province, the Chinese presence is increasing rapidly with the arrival of skilled labourers from Yunnan.