What to Do During the Rainy Season in Vietnam

Posted on September 11, 2014 by Admin in Vietnam Travel Tips tagged Rainy Season in Vietnam
What to Do During the Rainy Season in Vietnam

For many parts of Vietnam, September, October and November mean one thing… RAIN!

We are slowly moving into (or in some parts, are already in) the rainy season in Vietnam, leaving many tourists scratching their heads wondering what to do! While the elements shouldn’t stop you from doing anything you hoped to do while you’re traveling Vietnam, sometimes they can be a bit of a hindrance. So if you’re wondering what to do during the rainy season in Vietnam, here are 8 great options!

8. Take a Cooking Class:

If the rain is coming down and you don’t feel like roaming the sopping wet streets, duck indoors and learn how to make your favorite Vietnamese dishes! Local chefs will walk you through customs & traditions, all the ingredients and preparation, plus you get to eat everything you’ve just cooked! We can organise a number of excellent cooking classes all throughout the country so you can head back home a Vietnamese food master.

7. Enjoy the Café and Bar Scene:

Vietnam is filled with cool cafés and fun bars all throughout the country. In fact, some visitors argue that passing their time in these local dives is one of their favorite memories while traveling! Sip your brew of choice and chat with locals, meet new friends, cozy up with a book or just watch the buzz of life going by all around you… all while keeping dry!

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6. Indulge in the Spa World:

If the weather is gorgeous, you might not want to spend 4 hours out of your day in the spa. On the other hand, if it’s chilly and raining, what better way to pass the time then in total relaxation? Vietnam is famous for its huge number of spas with loads of different treatments for all different budgets. Maybe the rain isn’t so bad!

5. Witness the Flooding of Hoi An

Every year (usually around mid-October), Hoi An’s Ancient Town goes under water… at least partially. Annual monsoons lead to big flooding, which leaves Hoi An’s Bach Dang and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets totally underwater. Small boats paddle through what was once a walking street (only a day before), and all the shops close up and move their products to the second floor. Flooding only lasts a couple days, but it makes for some excellent photo opportunities!

4. Head to Sapa

While the beginning of September is a bit iffy, late September through November is one of the best times to visit Sapa. Cool temperatures and dry air make for some excellent trekking and photography opportunities… plus the cold weather of December-January hasn’t kicked in yet!

(We have a huge list of customisable Sapa touring options!)

3. A Cool Halong Bay Experience

Temperatures in Halong Bay during September and October are much cooler than those of the recent scorching hot summer months, but the bay’s waters are still warm enough for a nice swim. November gets a bit chillier, but it’s still dry and clear making for excellent sightseeing.

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2. Beach It on Phu Quoc

Were you hoping to get some beach time in during your visit to Vietnam… but only bumped into rain?? Worry not! Late October-November can be an excellent time to visit Phu Quoc Island. Prices are still cheap (coming off the low season), but the weather gets better and better as the months go on. For visitors coming more towards November, your trip will be ideal!

1. Exploring the Capital

While September is the end of the summer season in Hanoi, October and November make for some of the best months to visit. Precipitation is at an annual low and the temperatures are extremely comfortable (not too hot, but not yet “winter” cold). If you’re looking to explore the Old Quarter, French Quarter and West Lake Districts on foot, these “autumn” months are the perfect time to do so! Find the best of Hanoi, here!