The Beauty of Ha Long Bay

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The Beauty of Ha Long Bay

Vietnam is a place filled with many different forms of beauty. From the people to the landscapes, visitors are kept in constant amazement at the magnificent sites and experiences all throughout the small country. A few hours north from Hanoi city is one of these visual treasures: Ha Long Bay. Filled with limestone crags jutting out from the bosom of the bay, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one that must be seen to be believed.

Saturated in ancient history and lore, this Vietnamese marvel is called Ha Long, or descending dragon, because it is believed that the towering islets are remainders from dragons that once inhabited the area. After helping locals ward off foreign invaders, the limestone rocks are all that’s left of the ancient dragons’ legacy. Today the islets no longer ward off ships, but are the main attraction for ships carrying thousands of tourists through Ha Long Bay every year. One of the top day trips from Hanoi and a must do for most tourists traveling around Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is truly an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking to visit, both seasons and weather can play a pivotal role in your trip to Ha Long Bay. March-July is the best time to visit, with agreeable weather allowing superb panoramic views of the bay’s sites. Visit during this time for the best visibility, great photo opportunities and a chance to take a cooling dip in the iconic bay’s waters. The sights of Ha Long Bay are undoubtedly what make the trip amazing, so if you visit during the low season (with higher chances of poor weather), you may not be able to have the complete experience.

Tours leave daily from Hanoi city with scores of operators offering different trips, budgets and group sizes. The company and tour that you select plays a huge part in your Ha Long Bay experience and could mean the difference between a crammed, rushed viewing and an extended, beautiful sail through the ancient crags. Booking with the MinMax travel experts ensures that your experience of Ha Long will be relaxing, memorable and unique- just the way it should be.

There are various packages available for all tours to Ha Long Bay, with different prices, lengths and options available. Overnight cruises are the most popular, with 2 full days exploring the ancient waters and a restful sleep on board. Other options are staying overnight on the beautiful Cat Ba Island, or spending all your time sailing the bay. Pass through the floating fishing village, visit the mysterious caves, kayak through the rock formations and try your hand in squid fishing at night. If the weather is right, you can relax on a rooftop lounge, soaking in the warm Viet-rays while you snap photos of the towering limestone monsters surrounding you.

Visiting Ha Long Bay can be an amazing, unforgettable experience when booked through the right company. Allow the experts at MinMax travel to make your trip to Ha Long Bay your favorite memory of Vietnam.