Mai Chau Restaurants/ Dining Scene

The best places to eat when in Mai Chau are in one's hotel or homestay. Those staying in Mai Chau Lodge should try The Lodge Restaurant and The Veranda Restaurant. These establishments serve traditional Vietnamese fare alongside international dishes, which are better enjoyed with wine from the Lodge's impressive selection.
The food may be good in the aforementioned restaurants but nothing beats the family-style Vietnamese cooking in the homestays. The stilt houses in White Tai villages provide more than just lodging; they also offer their guests food and drink, but for a fee of course. Homestays often serve breakfast and dinner, but these are not included in the price for staying the night. Breakfast is often Western fare (bread, jam and the like) while dinner is a feast of different home-cooked dishes. However, the food served is more White Tai than Vietnamese, and the rice is stickier than usual.