Hoa Binh Dam

The most well-known feature of Hoa Binh is Hoa Binh Dam for hydro-electric purposes. Construction on the rockfill dam started in November 1979 and it took nearly 10 years to complete. The dam is now one of the largest and most important dams in Viet Nam. It is 128m in height and 970 m in length. Power is generated by utilizing eight turbines with a capacity of 240 MW, making up the total capacity to about 1,920 MW. The annual power is approximately 8,160 GWh. The reservoir which was formed when the Da river was dammed runs through Hoa Binh’s center. Right here 168 workers died during the construction of the Dam and there is now a monument to their memory at the dam site.

The Hoa Binh Dam plays an indispensable part in preventing flood, producing electricity, irrigation and transportation. This is a meaningful construction to the process of industrialization and modernization of the country. It is the symbol of unshakable friendship between Soviet Union and Viet Nam, too. Moreover, this place is a source of tourism. Annually it attracts a quite great number of tourists because of the majesty and grandeur of the architecture, the surface area of which is so large that it creates an impressive architectural, cultural and social complex.