Thailand Jevelry

Thailand jewelry is popular worldwide. The jewellery industry in Thailand has developed from a group of small family owned jewelry shops. Thailand's jewelry crafters set gems stones in gold, silver and even platinum.Thai jewelry tends to be large and expressive, with a superb detailing.

Thanks to new processing techniques, semi-precious stones such as amethyst, tourmaline and pink quartz have moved from costume jewelry to become upmarket gems. With improvements in silver quality, the metal once used mainly for ethnic and costume pieces is now considered a high-end material, even suitable for setting with diamonds.

Thailand distinctive 24-karat gold, available in the traditionally decorated red and white stores everywhere, is prized worldwide for its unique color and style. More modern designs can be found in stand-alone shops within major departments stores.

Bangkok is the hub for the latest jewelry trends. Some of the best jewelry is found in Bangkok's Peninsula Plaza shopping mall, five star hotels and numerous Chinese family owned jewelry shops. Some shops will work to your own specification, Uthai's Gems in Bangkok and Shiraz in Chiang Mai.

The Wualai Road shops in Chiang Mai offer a good selection of silverwork. Costume jewelry sells well in Siam Square and Chatuchak Market where you can buy inexpensive ethnic wares and jewelry created all sorts of materials.

With the advent of the Jewel Fest Club, a non-profit organization set up by Tourism Authority of Thailand and The Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association, customers can rest assured of a store's reliability and quality. JFC sets merchandise standards and reasonable prices for customers. Anyone who buy from members displaying the JFC logo can be assured of a money-back guarantee if they're not satisfied with their purchase.