Thailand clothing

Thailand is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ready-to-wear clothing. Fashion boutiques are found in every shopping mall, while cheaper clothing such as T-shirts and jeans are available at bargain prices from street vendors. Custom tailoring is also very affordable and tailors can produce or copy most styles in just a few days. Resist the rip-off 24-hours package deals including a "free gift". You will get better service by seriously assessing the designs, fabric and cut, and insisting on one or two intermediate fittings. In Bangkok and all the tourist areas there are countless Chinese and Indian tailor shops. Designs are usually copied, very often with a great skill, from magazines or catalogues like Armani or Hugo Boss. The quality of finished product can vary considerably. It is a good idea to ask for recommendations.

Other popular clothing include baggy fisherman's pants, batik sarongs, vests and trousers made from hill-tribe fabrics.