Prachin Buri

Prachin Buri used to be a very prosperous town with beautiful waterfalls and canals which are very popular among nature adventurers.

In the old days, Prachin Buri had a long history of civilization of about 800 years ago, since the Dvaravati period. The ruined town of "Mueang Si Mahosot” at Tambon Khokpip, Amphoe Mahosot was discovered. At Ban Khok Kwang, Amphoe Si Mahosot, east to Mueang Si Mahosot, there was an ancient community at the same period as Muang Si Mahosot.

Through the traces of the ancient towns, there were discoveries of historical venues that were used for religious purposes and historic materials such as Buddha images, earthenwares, and pottery. It was also recorded that the center of civilization has been moved to the present coast of the Bang Pakong River. There were many administration alterations, from town to Monthon, and Changwat (Province) at present.

In general, Prachin Buri has plain areas and highlands. There are hills and mountains in the north adjacent to Dong Phaya Yen Mountain ranges. In the south and east, there are plains and forests. Low-lying plains suitable for agriculture are in the west of the province


Located in Sri Mahosot District, the highly revered Wat Thon Pho Sri Maha Pho contains the oldest ‘ pho ' tree in Thailand. The ‘ pho ' tree is significant in Buddhism for the Lord Buddha meditated and reached enlightenment under such a tree. This tree's shoot was brought over from India and planted here. Nowadays, many Buddha images encircles the base of the big, shady tree.

The Prachin Buri National Museum contains a collection of important artifacts discovered within the province and from other Northeastern provinces.

Lining one side of the Prachin-Nakhon Nayok Highway heading away from Prachin Buri is the famous Nong Cha-am Fruit Market with many vendors selling the local fruits, such as durians, cantaloupes, and bamboos, at very affordable prices.The large, Buddhist Sa Morakot (Emerald Pond) Historical Complex contains structures that were constantly rebuilt on top of each other since before the 10 th century. Sites of interest include a pair of Buddha Footprints imprinted on a slab of natural sandstone, a emerald pond (sa morakot), a lotus pond (sa bua lum), and the Sri Mahosot structure.

Majority of the plant found in the Tublarn National Park consists of species related to the palm tree family, of which some are considered rare to find. These trees will produce flowers only after they've matured to 20 years and beyond. Another highlight is the Tublarn Falls.

City attractions

Prachin Buri - Khao Yai Highway, this waterfall is a part of Khao Yai National Park, which covers the area of Prachin Buri, Nakhon Nayok, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Saraburi. It is a gigantic and beautiful waterfall with 60 metres in height and steep cliff. You can travel from Prachin Buri town via Suwannason Road to Noen Hom Intersection or Naresuan Circle, turn left to Highway No.3077. At the 24th kilometre turn right to the waterfall. From the parking area, visitors have to walk for 1 kilometre. There is a walkway from upper level down to lower level for a better and more beautiful view.

King Naresuan the Great Shrine Located at Noen Hom Intersection, 8 kilometres north to Prachin Buri by Highway No.320, this shrine houses the image of King Naresuan the Great in a standing position to commemorate his camping at Prachin Buri on the way from Ayutthaya to Cambodia. People in Prachin Buri and nearby provinces normally pay respect to this shrine.

Wat Kaeo Phichit The temple is located on the right coast of Bang Pakong River in Prachin Buri Municipal Area, 2 kilometres east to town. Being an old and major temple, the place was built in 1879 by a Prachin Buri millionaire. In 1918, Chao Phraya Abhaibhubate (Chum Aphaiwong) constructed a new chapel (ubosoth) which had an architectural design of mixed arts styles of Thai, Chinese, European, and Cambodian. The significant attractions are the Ramayana mural paintings on the exterior of the chapel, while the interior are ornated by the paintings of the legend in Buddhism by the royal artists of King Rama VI. In front of the chapel is a concrete building with the style of Greek or Roman dome. Moreover, within the compound, the temple also features a holy scriptures library, and 3- facet meeting hall (sala) at the pier with shaded atmosphere.

Prachin Buri Cultural Centre Situated on the coast of Bang Pakong River and Prachin Anuson Road, near Amphoe Mueang's auditorium, this center was built in the reign of King Rama V. Its architecture is a mixture of Thai and western style. The Department of Fine Arts has registered this place as an ancient site and has renovated as the Cultural Center to display documents, ancient materials, utensils used for the history, tradition and culture of the local people.

Prachin Buri Province in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand has set up the Tourist Information Center at this Cultural Center to provide information of Prachin Buri and other tourist attractions. The center provides service during 08:30 - 16:30 hrs. except on public holidays.
Prachin Buri National Museum Located about 200 metres at the back of Prachin Buri City Hall, this archeological museum is set to be the center of artefacts in 7 provinces: Prachin Buri, Nakhon Nayok, Chacherngsao, Chonburi, Chantaburi, Trad, and Rayong. The Museum displays important artefacts discovered from ancient cities in Davaravati Period. Thai arts in various periods were also displayed for comparative study, including artefacts found under sea water from Koh Kram, Chonburi. Moreover, the temporary exhibition at special occasions has been on display. The Museum service hours are during 09:00 - 16:00 hrs., everyday except special holidays. The admission fee is 30 baht. More details are available at Tel: 0-3721-1586.

Chao Phraya Abhaibhubate Building The building is located in Chao Phraya Abhai bhubate Hospital on Prachin Anuson Road. It was constructed by the budget of Chao Phraya Abphaibhubate in 1909 as a residence for King Rama V on his royal visit to Prachin Buri. Its architecture is a 2-storey Renaissance building with the front porch featuring a central dome. Floral design ornated the outside walls, doors and windows. The inside is decorated in a western style.

The Department of Fine Arts has registered the building as the ancient venue. There is also, the Abhaibhubate Traditional Medicine Museum which is the centre for collection of Thai traditional books, herbs, medicine, and local medicine. Therefore, this place is also a study centre for the research and dissemination of knowledge on local people's lifestyle related to local herbs and medicine.

Wat Bot This temple is located on the west of town, on Bang Pakong River coast. Starting from Thetsaban Damri Road to Suwinthawong Road (Highway No.319), go straight to Highway No.3071 for 4 kilometres. There are 3 Buddha images along the coast named Phra Siri Mongkhon Nimit, the walking Buddha; Phra Sapphasit Nawa, the sitting Buddha; and Phra Maha Chin Saiyat, the reclining Buddha. The atmosphere in the temple is quiet and very shady.

Wat San Si's Bird Park Being in Tambon Wat, the park is the place for various kinds of thousands birds. The best season to watch the birds is during July to April. The accessibility to the park is by using the same road to Wat Bot but taking the right turn at the intersection. The park is 18 kilometres from town.
Bamboo Garden Supervised by the Department of Corrections, the garden is located in Tambon Noen Hom with the area of about 300 Rai. This place has the collection of various kinds of bamboo to study. From Highway No.33, turn left at Noen Hom Intersection to Highway No.3077 (Noen Hom - Khao Yai) for 11 kilometres or 20 kilometres from town.Huai Kasian Waterfall It is located about 15 kilometres from Prachin Buri town. At 166th kilometre, in Ban Khon Khwang, Tambon Dong Khilek. Turn left for about 4 kilometres to the waterfall.

Chakkraphong Reservoir The reservoir is an earth dam of 16.50 metre high and 740 metre long. From Noen Hom Intersection, turn right to Highway No. 33 for about 3 kilometres, turn left at the sign to the reservoir, between 160th-161st kilometre, for about 2 kilometres. From the entrance to the reservoir on the left, there is a 9 kilometre road to the top of the mountain to view the scenic atmosphere. At the 6th kilometre, there is a wonder hill for about 150 metres. If you stop your car, leave it at the neutral gear, your car seems to run up hill because of illusions affected by the surroundings.

Khao Ito Waterfall This waterfall in Tambon Dong Khilek is a popular tourist attraction which run through rocks at different levels. Only during the rainy season that there is water. Surroundings are full of forests. The waterfall is on the same route to Chakkraphong Reservoir but is 700 metres further.

Than Rattana Waterfall Located in Tambon Noen Hom with the distance about 100 metres from Noen Hom - Khao Yai Highway, and about 25 kilometres from Mueang District Office, this waterfall has plenty of water during the rainy season.

Ban Sang

Bats at Wat Bang Krabao Wat Bang Krabao is located on the Ban Sang - Bang Tan Road, about 6 kilometres from Ban Sang District Office. Luang Pho Chat is the famous Buddhist monk resided here. The highlight of this venue is the spectacular sight of thousands of bats living in the trees.


Takhro Waterall and Salatdai Waterfall Both waterfalls are located in Ban Takhro, Tambon Bu Fai. Takhro Waterfall is wide with suspension bridge, with the hills on the left, while on the right is the forest which is suitable for relaxation. From Takhro Waterfall, there is a walkway along the stream for another 2 kilometres to Salad Dai Waterfall. On the way, there are many areas for swimming. To go to Salad Dai Waterfall, tourists should contact the escort officer at 10 th Ranger Unit of Khao Yai National Park at Takhro Waterfall. From Prachin Buri town, use Highway No.3452 (to Prachantakham) for 16 kilometres, turn right to Highway No.33 to Prachantakham Intersection, and turn left into an access road. Or from Noen Hom Intersection, turn right to Highway No.33 to See Yaek Prachantakham, and turn left to the access road ford for 16 kilometres, and walk for about 500 metres more to Takhro Waterfall.

Than Thip Waterfall This waterfall is in Ban Noen Hin Tang, Tambon Nong Kaeo. The stream runs pass different levels of rocks whereby some areas are suitable for swimming. The surrounding forests are naturally fascinating. Travel to the waterfall by using the same route to Takhro Waterfall, and turning left at 9 th kilometre, for about 9 kilometres.

Som Poi Waterfall Situated in Ban Khao Noi, Tambon Bu Fai, this waterfall has the stream of about 400 metres long which runs pass rocks, with suitable areas for swimming. Using the same route to Takhro Waterfall, turn left at 14 th kilometre, for about 1.5 kilometres.

Si Mahosot

Ton Pho (Pho Tree) at Si Maha Phot This oldest and largest Pho tree of the country is located in Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Phot. It has been recorded that, 2000 years ago, the seedling stock of this Pho tree was brought over from Buddhakaya. The tree is about 20 metres in circumference, about 30 metres in height, and about 25 metres in diametre.

From the legend, Phra Chao Tawa Nam Payadit, the ruler of Mueang Mahosot had sent his representatives to Nakhon Patulibut of India for a branch of the Pho tree, under which the Lord Buddha had sat during his enlightenment. Thereafter, the branch had been planted at this Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Phot. This Pho tree has been the symbol of Prachin Buri. On Visak Puja Day, there will be a fair to commemorate this Pho tree. From Prachin Buri town, use Highway No.319 to Phanom Sarakam for 32 kilometres, turn left for 1 kilometre.

Sa Morakot Ancient Venues Situated in Wat Morakot, Tambon Kok Thai, these are the the gigantic Buddhist sites. The most fascinating attraction is the largest and oldest Lord Buddha's Footprints which were carved on the natural laterite floor. Also, there are the Wheel of Dhamma in the middle of both soles. These Footprints were dated between 13 th to 15 th centuries B.E.

Moreover, there is Sa Morakot which is a rectangular pool, 115 metres long, 214 metres wide, and 3.50 metres deep, with the total area of about 25 Rai. It is assumed that this pool was dug as a reservoir. In this area, there are also Sa Bua La, and Exhibition center for Mueang Si Mahosot ancient venue. Travelling: Using highway No.319 (Prachin Buri – Phanom Sarakam route) for about 23 kilometres, then turn left for 500 metres.

Si Mahosot Ancient Towns Located at Ban Khok Wat, Tambon Khok Peep, these sites were constructed in the Davaravati Period, with oval shape, and the area of about 700 Rai. There are moats, earth walls, and more than 100 interesting ancient venues. Most of the archeological materials are related to Hinduism.

The most important site is in the centre of town. Made from laterites, many materials found were in Lop Buri, Ayutthaya, and Rattanakosin Periods such as Buddha images and pottery. Also, there is Phu Khao Thong – a round-shape stupa in the Davaravati Period. Another venue is the Ancient Site No. 25 made from laterite, with rectangular in shape. Sa Kaeo Ancient Site is a square pond, located in the south-west of Mueang Si Mahosot. On the walls of the pond, there are lintels showing 41 animals in the legend. It was believed that the water from this pond is sacred, use in Buddhist ceremony. Traveling: From Prachin Buri town, use highway No.319 for about 20 kilometres, then turn left to highway no. 3070 for one more kilometre, the ancient town is on the right.

Si Maha Phot

Royal Handwriting Monument Located at Tambon Nong Phrong, this inscription with the royal handwriting was made during the visit of King Rama V to Prachin Buri in 1908. The inscription was thus made on laterite- an ancient artifact in the Lobpuri Period. Traveling: This monument is about 1.5 kilometres from Si Maha Phot District Office, just opposite to the Lum Mueang entrance.

Lum Mueang This is the venue with about 48 holes on laterites. During his visit on December 18, 1908, King Rama V assumed that the holes were mortars for mixing cement for the decoration of the elongated-shape tower (Prang). But some elderly believed that this venue, with these holes, were the ground for the local game "Lum Mung” (Lum means Hole).

Phan Hin Shrine Situated at Ban Khok Khwang, Tambon Nong Phrong, it was assumed that the site used to be the shrine for the idol of the Hindu God, Vishnu. But the only remain of the ruins was the base which was made from laterite in the shape of a large square, with a width of 16 metres for each side, and 3.5 metres high, with 4-sided varandahs. And the shape of this base is similar to a tray (Phan-in Thai), therefore the venue has been since called "Phan Hin or stone stray”. Traveling: This shrine is about 2 kilometres from Si Mahaphot District Office on the way to Khok Khwang, then turn right for about 1 kilometre.

Kabin Buri

Nong Pla Khayaeng Located on the side of highway No.33, at 206 th -207 th kilometres (between Prachantakham and Kabin Buri), this large pond, with the area of 400 Rai, is the living site of thousands of fascinating birds during March and May every year.

Na Di

Thap Lan National Park Covering Tambon Bu Phram of Na Di, Prachin Buri; Pak Thong Chai, Wang Nam Khiao, Khon Buri, Soeng Sang of Nakhon Ratchasima; and Pakham of Buri Ram, this park has the area of about 2,240 square kilometres or 1,400,000 Rai. It has been established on the 23 rd of December 1981. The attractions in the park are:

Lan Forest and Rest Area Being the last natural palm forest, near the Park's Office, the rare palm trees in this area have yellow flowers during April and June. In the Park, there are also dry dipterocarp forests and rainforests which are the habitats of wild animals, and a variety of species of birds. The Rest Area of 20 rai has many palm trees, and other plants.

Heo Nok Kok Waterfall About 8 kilometres from Ban Thap Lan, this waterfall is beautiful in the rainy season.
Thap Lan Reservoir This reservoir is one kilometre from Ban Thap Lan. Surrounded by mountains, and cool climate, this site is suitable for relaxation.

Huai Yai Waterfall Located in the west of the Park, this large and beautiful waterfall is 50 metre high and 30 metre wide. Travelling: Using highway No.304, at 79 th kilometre, go for another 6 kilometres. The waterfall is in in Wang Nam Kheo, Nakhon Ratchasima. In dry season, the waterfall can be reached by car.

At present, no accommodation is available in the Park. Tourists need to bring their own tents. For more details, contact at P.O.Box 37, Kabin Buri Post Office, Prachin Buri 25116 or at National Park Division, Forestry Department, Bangkhen, Bangkok, Tel: 0-2561-4292 ext. 724 – 5, 0-2579-5734, 0-2579-7223.
Travelling From Kabin Buri, use highway No.304 (Kabin Buri – Nakhon Ratchasima route) for 32 kilometres. The Park is 90 kilometres from Prachin Buri and 107 kilometres from Nakhon Ratchasima.


Rafting at Kaeng Hin PhloengKaeng Hin Phloeng These beautiful and large rapids are in the Sai Yai River. This area is under the responsibility of the Khao Yai National Park Unit 9, Amphoe Na Di. It is most popular for the challenging and enjoyable white rafting during the rainy season (July-November). The rafting time will take the tourists up to 45 minutes, passing almost six rapids. Tourists can contact tourist agents for white raftings, camping overnight, and resort facilities in Na Di.

Travelling: Use highway No.304 (Kabin Buri – Nakhon Ratchasima), at 11 th kilometre, and travel for another 25 kilometres, park at the Park Unit 9, and walk for 45 minutes.

The following trekking routes are operated by tourist agents.
Route passing waterfalls in Thap Lan National Park: It is in the area of Na Di, Prachin Buri, and some Amphoe in Nakhon Ratchasima and Buri Ram. There are many trekking routes: to Hew Nok Kok Waterfall, Huay Yai Waterfall, Thung Tu Rotfai, Lam Plai Mat Dam. For more details, contact Thap Lan National Park, P.O.Box 37, Kabin Buri Post Office, Prachin Buri 25116.

Route to Khao Samo Pun: Located in Khao Yai National Park, in Amphoe Mueang and Prachantakham, the total distance is about 30 kilometres, with a duration of 3 – 4 days. Tourists can choose many starting points such as Khao Yai National Park Ranger Unit 10 (Prachantakham), Unit 11, (Khlong Pheka), Unit 12 (Noen Hom) or using the route to Khao Khiao which will include many tourist attractions and waterfalls.

Route to Som Poi Waterfall, Tat Hin Yao, Thung Ngu Lueam: Starting from Som Poi Waterfall in Prachantakham to Sai Khu Waterfall, Kaeng Kritsana Waterfall, Tat Hin Yao, Thung Na Prang, and Thung Ngu Lueam, the distance is about 10 kilometres, with a duration of 2 – 3 days for a round trip. If the choice is for Thung Hin Lek Fai, Heo I-Am Waterfall, the distance will be 15 kilometres, with a duration of 3 days.

Route to Takro – Heo Chakkachan Waterfalls: Being a short route which starts from Khao Yai National Park Guard 10 to Takro, Salat Dai Waterfalls, and end at Heo Chakkachan Waterfall, the total distance is about 6 kilometres, with a duration of 2 nights and 1 day.

Route to Fong Sabu Waterfall: The route will start from Khao Yai National Park Ranger Unit 10, walk uphill to Fong Sabu Waterfall. On the return trip, stop by to visit Heo Ta Khon Dam Wateffall. The total distance is about 12 kilometres, with a duration of 2 days.

Route to Takhro – Wang Heo Waterfall – Sai Yai Waterfall: With the start from Khao Yai National Park Ranger Unit 10, walk heading to the northeast of the park to the beautiful Wang Heo Waterfall, and stop by to visit the dinosaur footprints. On the return route, pass Kaeng Hin Phloeng at Khao Yai National Park Ranger Unit 9 (in Amphoe Na Di). The total distance is about 25 kilometres, with a duration of 3 – 4 days. For further details, please contact Prachin Tourist Centre, Tel: 0-3720-0731 – 2.


Makha Purami Si Prachin Festival The festival is held annually on Makha Bucha day at Wat Sa Morakot, Amphoe Si Mahosot. Some religious ceremonies were held for the celebration of the biggest and oldest pair of the Lord Buddha's footprints.

Bang Fai Procession Normally organised on Wisakha Bucha Day at Wat Maha Phot, Si Mahosot, this spectacular procession is being held to celebrate Bang Fai or the northeastern rocket.

Agricultural and Prachin Buri Products Fair Being held during May –June every year in front of the City Hall, many fruits and agricultural products are on sale. Also, exhibitions, and activities related to agriculture are being

Traditional Boat Race Festival Every year in the second week of September, on the bank of Bang Pakong River in front of Amphoe Mueang Office, the festival features long boats and local boats to compete for the Princess Sirindhorn's Trophy.

Loi Kratong Festival Held on the full moon night in November in front of the city's auditorium, the festival highlights many activities, including contests of Nang Nopphamat, and Kratongs.

Week of the Rafting at Kaeng Hin Phloeng Held during September to October every year at Khao Yai National Park Ranger Unit 9, Na Di, the competition in white rafting is organised at economy price but enjoyable and exciting.

Hotels and accommodation

  • Siri Mongkhon : 79 Kabin Buri Municipality Amphoe Kabin Buri [0 3728 1095] : 100-400 baht
  • King Hotel : 65/7-8 Ratdamri Road,Amphoe Muang [0 3721 1188-9] : 150-340 baht
  • Phattha : 55 Mu 1 Soi Udomsuk,Amphoe Muang [0 37211876, 0 3721 3421] : 450-1,000 baht
  • Prachin Buri : 21 Cho, Ratdamri Road, Amphoe Muang [Tel: 0 3721 1142] : 90-130 baht
  • Rose : 12/30-31 Ko, Thetsaban Damri Road, Amphoe Muang [0 3721 1025, 0 3721 3795 Fax: 0 3721 3792] : 200-800 baht
  • Samai Charoen : 6-10 Soi 3 Na Mueang Road, Amphoe Muang [0 3721 1091] : 40 baht
  • Suksomchai : 28/1 Cho, Pracharat Road, Amphoe Muang [0 3721 1012] : 200-400 baht
  • Sup Pailin Hotel : 1/1 Thetsaban Damri Road, Amphoe Muang [0 3721 3601 Fax: 0 3721 4371] : 500-1,000 baht
  • Fuangfa Bungalow : 35 Mu.3, Tambon Prachantakham, Amphoe Prachantakham [0 3729 1480] : 250-400 baht
  • Khao Yai Grand View Thani Resort : 74/2 Prachin Buri-Khao Yai Road, Amphoe Muang [0 3727 9410-12 Fax: 0 3727 9413 Bangkok Tel: 0 2636 3600] : 1,800-2,000 baht
  • Bang Pakong : 1/41-43 Soi Roman Uthit Amphoe Muang [0 3721 1363] : 120-400 baht
  • Tavaravadee Resort : 77 Tambon Tha Tum Amphoe Si Maha Pho [0 3720 8444-70] : 2,600-25,000 baht
  • Pa-Ngam Mountain Lodge : 532/3-5 Mu 1, Km.12 Highway No. 304 (Kabin Buri-Nakhon Ratchasima Road), Tambon Nong Ki Amphoe Kabin Buri [0 3720 4455-7, 0 3720 4536-8 Bangkok Tel: 0 2435 6923, 0 2424 3476, 0 2433 4884]: 250-3,000 baht
  • Ban Tha-Le Mok Resort : Highway 304 or Kabin Buri-Nakhon Ratchasima Road Amphoe Kabin Buri [0 3728 2810-5, 0 1853 7443] : 2,000-9,000 baht, dormitories: 400-500 baht per person
  • Kabin Hotel : 63/1-9 Mu 16 Tambon Mueang Kao Amphoe Kabin Buri [0 3728 1030] : 150-400 baht
  • Kabin Inter : 100 Mu 2, Tambon Mueang Kao, Amphoe Kabin Buri : 250-1,200 baht
  • Phrom Charoen : 13 Kabin Buri Municipality Amphoe Kabin Buri [0 3728 1375] : 180-400 baht
  • Srikabin : 128 Mu 8 Tambon Mueang Kao Amphoe Kabin Buri [0 3728 1375] : 180-400 baht
  • Suan Nongnooch Prachin Buri Resort Camping : 391 Mu 2 Tambon Thung Pho Amphoe Na Di [0 3740 1373, 0 9666 4553 Fax: 0 3740 1371 Bangkok Office Tel: 0 2252 6729] : 700-2,500 baht
  • Suan Sak Supha Resort : 28 Mu 4 Tambon Saphan Hin Amphoe Na Di [0 3728 2035] : 500-2,500 baht
  • Kaeng Hin Phoeng Riverside Resort : near Kaeng Hin Phoeng Amphoe Na Di [0 1667 5782 Bangkok Tel: 0 2918 6067-8, 0 2540 297] : 250 baht per person, 100 baht per tent


- Amphoe Muang

  • Krua Kru Chob : 19 Moo 6, Prachin-Ban San g Rd., Rob Muang
  • Kid Tung : Across from Prachin Rajbamrung School, Tel: 0-3721-2669
  • Krua Rattaya : 106/8 Kaew Pichit Rd., Na Muang, Tel: 0-3721-2734
  • Chao Phraya : Suwanthawong Rd.
  • Jui Huang : 23-24 Na Muang Rd., Tel: 0-3721-1287
  • Dudee Vietnamese Food : Bank of Prachin Buri River, Soi 4, Na Muang Rd., Tel: 0-3721-1404
  • Tako Rai : 517/34 Rajdamri Rd., Tel: 0-3721-3214
  • Tai Fah : Rajdamri Rd., near the intersection, Tel: 0-3721-1086
  • Tip Maturot : 254 Moo 10, Dong Phra Ram
  • Nong Nok : Suwannasorn Rd., across from PTT Nong Cha-om gas station

- Amphoe Nadee

  • Krua Bai Fern : 398 Moo 2, Nakhon Ratchasima-Chachoengsao Rd., Tung Pho
  • Pa Chumpee : 110 Moo 1, Kabin-Nakhon Ratchasima Route, Ban Hin Dad, Buphram, Tel: 0-1320-0271
  • Sirinun : 173 Moo 2, Tung Pho, Tel: 0-3728-9084

- Amphoe Sri Mahapho

  • Kuay Tiew Pla : 245 Moo 10, across from PTT gas station, Tel: 0-3720-8215
  • Suan Tor Khet : 99 Moo 8, Sri Mahapho-Prachantakam Rd., Tel: 0-3720-6301-2, 0-3727-9321
  • Areeya : Ban Tha Prachum, Sri Mahapho-Prachantakam Rd., Tel: 0-3727-9139

- Amphoe Kabin Buri

  • Prasop Choke : 5 Moo 16, Nakhon Ratchasima-Chachoengsao Rd., Muang Kao, Tel: 0-3728-1141
  • Palm Sweet Home : 520 Moo 8, Sam Tahan intersection, Suwannasorn Rd., Muang Kao, Tel: 0-3720-3206-7, 0-3728-2117

- Amphoe Prachantakham

  • Fuang Fah : 35 Moo 3, Suwannasorn Rd., Prachantakham, Tel: 0-3729-1480
  • Prasit Pochana : 41/1 Moo 2, Prachantakham, Tel: 0-3729-1740

How to get there

* By car : There are many routes from Bangkok.
- Using Phahonyothin Highway, to Rangsit , and keep left to use overpass to Highway No.305, parallel to Khlong Rangsit, pass Ongkarak of Nakhon Nayok. Then use Highway No.33 (Nakhon Nayok – Prachin Buri), turn right at Samyaek Nong Cha-om at Km.155 to Highway No.319 to Prachin Buri. Total distance is 136 kilometres.
- Using Phahonyothin Highway (No.1) to Wang Noi of Ayutthaya, turn right at Km. 90 to Highway No.33 pass Wihan Daeng of Saraburi, and Nakhon Nayok, turn right at Samyaek Nong Cha-om at Km.155 to Highway No.319 to Prachin Buri. Total distance is 164 kilometres.
- Using Highway No.304 pass Chacherngsao, Phanom Sarakham, turn to Highway No.319 pass Si Mahosot, to Prachin Buri. The total distance is 158 kilometres.

* By bus : Regular and air-conditioned buses leave from Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal everyday. For more details, call 0-2936-2852 - 66. There are 2 routes:
- Bangkok - Hin Kong - Nakhon Nayok – Prachin Buri by 1 st class air-conditioned bus No.58, 59, from 05:00 to 21:00 hrs., leaves every 25 minutes. The fare is 85 Baht.
- Bangkok - Ongkarak - Nakhon Nayok – Prachin Buri by 1 st class air-conditioned No.920, 3 times a day, at 05:00, 10:00, and 17:00 hrs. The fare is 75 Baht.

* By train:
There is railway service from Hua Lam Pong Railway Station in Bangkok to Prachin Buri everyday, 7 times at 06:00, 08:05, 09:40, 11:25, 13:10, 15:10, and 17:25 hrs. For more details, contact Travel Service Unit of Sate Railway of Thailand at 1690, 0-2223-7010, 0-2223-7020.