Vietnam: Travel Tips to make your holiday that much smoother

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Vietnam: Travel Tips to make your holiday that much smoother

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, there’s probably a lot of questions popping up surrounding the logistics, planning, itineraries, etc. Our aim as one of Vietnam’s leading travel companies is to make your Vietnam travel that much easier and smoother. That’s why we compiled this short list of some of the biggest questions that our travelers ask us. If you’re booking your trip through MinMax, we’ll take care of everything; but if you’re booking on your own or just taking part in a few mini day trips with us, there’s some information you’ll probably want to know before you visit!

The Visa Situation:

Vietnam is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that require some prior planning and work to obtaining your visa. Visas cannot be obtained on arrival; travelers must either visit their local Vietnam consulate or arrange a “letter of invitation” with a company, which enables you to pick up your pre-arranged visa at the border. Visas can run from 40 dollars to over 100 (depending on the amount of entries and length of validity), so make sure you’re prepared to pay the bill in cash at the airport! If you book your Vietnam trip through MinMax, we’ll throw in a Vietnam Visa for free- that takes care of that worry!

Water in Vietnam:

Is the water safe to drink in Vietnam? The short of it: no. All visitors should drink only sealed, bottled water. Another popular option is to carry around a personal water bottle that can be refilled by 20-liter jugs found in restaurants, hotels and shops (that’s what the locals drink). A 2-liter bottle will cost you around 1 USD.


ATMs can be found all over the country; from big cities to tiny villages, there’s bound to be an ATM nearby. They accept all major international cards, though you will have varying charges for both the ATM and foreign transaction fees (depending on your home bank). In the unlikely case that you can’t find an ATM, it always helps to carry a reasonable sum of VND around with you (maybe 1 or 2 million VND, which is 50-100 USD). This will cover any transport, food and even lodging if need be. If you’re traveling with us, we’ll let you know what the ATM situation is during your tours, worry not!


Lots of foreigners ask about the toilet situation in Vietnam. All hotels will have “western style” toilets, most upscale restaurants will have the same, though the Asian-style “squat” toilet will be found in most Vietnamese houses, local style restaurants and public toilet areas. If you’re staying on the tourist trail though, there’s a good chance you won’t bump into an Asian-style toilet.


Tipping is not customary in Vietnam, though workers will always appreciate it if you “round up” (even 2.000 can make someone smile if they’ve done a good job!)

Holidays in Vietnam:

There are a number of national Holidays in Vietnam, but the only one that has a significant effect on tourism is “TET”, or the Lunar New Year. Many shops, restaurants and tourist sites are closed during this time and hotels and transport options are likely to be booked up! If you’re planning to visit Vietnam during Tet, plan and book ahead wisely! Read up on visiting Vietnam during Tet here

Internet and Cell Service:

Vietnam is extremely well connected. You can expect to find WIFI in all hotels, restaurants and cafes, and if you don’t have a computer or personal device, there are a number of Internet cafés scattered around almost all towns and cities. Your cell phone will work in Vietnam, but we suggest picking up a cheap SIM Card which will save you a lot of money (if you’re staying for an extended period of time). MobiFone, Viettel, Beeline and Vinaphone are the main carriers and there are a number of different traveler packages and 3G options to choose from.

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